The Bully (Novel Project)

By: Michiah Braggs

About the story

"The Bully" is a about a young man named " Darrell Mercer" who is having a hard time making new friends and getting used to a new school after moving from Philadelphia to California.

Tyray Hobbs

Tyray Hobbs is a student at Bluford High who is a little insecure. So, he goes around forcing people to do things that he wants. ( AKA) he's a bully.

Darrell Mercer

Darrell Mercer is a new guy to Bluford High. He just moved from Philadelphia to with his mother. He is very shy. Also Darrell has had a hard time growing at the age of 15.

The characters

Together we can stop bullying!

No more Bullying!


Andra Day - Rise Up [Audio]


I chose this song because at the end of the story, Darrell was fed up and chose to not put up with Tyray's mess anymore. So, he RISED UP!