Handwashing 101

General personal Hygiene in Food Service

5 easy steps to Clean!

The entire hand washing process should take 20 seconds.

Step 1. Wet hands and arms
  • Use running water as hot as you can stand 100*f (38 *f

2. Apply soap

  • Lather up good!

3. Scrub those hands!

  • Don't for get the arms and your fingernails!
  • This step takes 15 seconds
3. Rinse your hands.

  • Use warm running water

4.Dry hands either with blow dryer or paper towels

  • Paper towels are better, you can use them to turn off water and open doors.

When Do I Have To Wash Up?

Good thing you asked!

  • You must wash hands after you use the the restroom.
  • handling raw meat (before and afterwards).
  • Touching your hair, your face or body.
  • If you couch or sneeze or blow your nose.
  • After eating, drinking or smoking or chewing gum or tobacco products.
  • Taking out trash.
  • Busing tables.
  • touching clothes or aprons
  • Handling money.
  • Leaving and returning to the kitchen.
  • Handling animals