Kevin Love

The Story of Kevin Love


Kevin Wesley love was born on September 7,1988 in Santa Monica ,California.He is well known for being an iconic basketball player on the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Kevin's dad Stanley Love and his mom Karen Love was always by his side to help him.His dad played in the NBA which influenced him to play basketball at an early age.Eventually him and his parents moved to Lake Oswego,Oregon.He played in highschool for the Oswego Lakers.He went on to play for the UCLA bruins and was named a pack 10 player of the year.

Adult Life

He was drafted in the first round to the timberwolves.He eventually moved to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has a passion for giving to the poor and charities.Kevin love has a girlfriend Elise Novak.He is very kind and helpful to others.His biggest challenge he has had to face was when his mom Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer.He has achieved many things in the NBA like being a 3 time all-star being the most improved player and the three point contest winner.


Kevin Love is still playing in the NBA for the cavs in his eighth season.He will go down as one of the best players in his position EVER!

Interesting Facts

.His uncle was the lead singer of the beach boys.

.He won the highschool Gatorade player of the year

.Nobody in UCLA history has more rebounds than him

.He was chosen to be on team USA

.Did you know that he stars in one of the famous uncle drew videos.