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Martinsburg High School January 2023 Issue

Ace Team Gets Ready to Buzz In!

By: Phoebe Porter

Martinsburg High School’s Ace Team has hit the ground running in preparation for their 2023 season! Ace Team is an academic competition team where students are quizzed and awarded points in a similar manner to the television show, “Jeopardy!”. Upon returning from winter break, club advisor Mrs. Lantz hosted tryouts where students were tested in five categories over the span of three days. Both new and returning members competed in a toss-up round of each category, where points were awarded to whichever student uses their buzzer to answer the question first. Students were additionally given 15 minutes to complete as many questions as possible on a written test that had been compiled by Mrs. Lantz. The Ace Team is excited to welcome four new members: Bailey Muir, Callum McClung, Megan Smelko, and Cole Smelko. “I think it’s a great team atmosphere; there are a lot of like-minded people who feel very passionately about learning,” said Megan Smelko.

The Ace Team meets every Monday night at James Rumsey Technical Institute to compete against other high schools in the county. On January 9th, Martinsburg’s Ace Team competed against Hedgesville High School in a practice match to allow new members to become acquainted with the structure of a match. Hedgesville High School ended the night with a score of 180, Martinsburg 70. Mrs. Lantz is looking forward to the first real competition, hoping to “sandbag” the unsuspecting teams in the upcoming season. Martinsburg will compete against Spring Mills High School, the reigning county champion, on January 23rd for their first official match of the school year.

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2021-2022 Ace Team-

Back Row- Josh Wolford, Christopher Chin, Josh Burton, Phoebe Porter, Ellie Davis, and Andrew Cottam

Middle Row- Advisor- Mrs. Lantz, James Estranas, Millie Cushwa, Betsy Cushwa, Claudia Elad, and Jason Bednarski

Front Row- Laya Chennuru, Emma Engle, and Kesi Boaitey

Good Times Show Choir Excited For Season Reveal!

By: Bella Walsh

As one of the oldest show choirs in the state of West Virginia, Good Times has been a competing group for the last 40 years, attending adjudications regionally and nationally. Most of all, Good Times celebrates their unique style, their diverse group of performers, and their commitment to always entertaining the crowd.

If you are interested in supporting Good Times this year, come out to the show reveal Tuesday, January 31 at 7pm. The theme of the show is Home Alone. The show features Ruby Amores as Kevin McCallister, and Lily Campell as Kevin's mom, Kate. Xerxees Yancey and Elijah Blocker are playing the role of the robbers or “Wet Bandits.” Soloists of the show include Ruby, Lily, and Isabel Banks. Elijah and Xerxees are also featured in a duet.

After the show reveal, GT will be competing in five competitions all throughout Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia. Four out of five of them are overnight trips! They are so excited to put their six months of hard work on stage.

Sophomore member of Good Times, Jenna Wilson stated “I am most excited to travel with the group. It is always such a fun time when we're together so I can only imagine how fun the bus rides will be and the memories we will make. :)” Make sure you are checking Good Times social media to stay up to date with how their season is going!

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Martinsburg High School 2022-2023 Good Times Show Choir Group!

How to Become a College Athlete!

By: Valerie Clabaugh

How do you become a college athlete? Martinsburg High School takes great pride in their dedication to sports. Many past MHS athletes have gone on to play at the college and professional level. Students dedicate their futures to be successful at their sports. In this issue we will highlight a two students who have taken the next step in their sports careers. These students have both committed and signed to officially become college athletes in the Fall of 2023. They both gave some insight on how they made their college athlete career dreams come true.

MHS Senior Kamden Shallis has signed and committed to playing Division 1 football at West Virginia University. He is a four-year member of the Martinsburg High School football team. Shallis stated, “It’s been a dream of mine to play at the college level since I started playing football.” He also stated, “As cliché as it sounds, hard work and dedication is the way to become a college athlete. It’s not always fun doing what you must do to achieve this dream, but it's worth it.” Shallis also gave some insight on how to find the college and team for you. He stated, “I wanted to set myself up for success and go to the best school my ability could grant me. Finding and signing to the right college is a long and sometimes difficult process. It’s not fun getting ignored or overlooked but it’s part of the process until you find the right place for you. Personally, you must find the people and team that treat you right.” Shallis is preparing for his time at WVU, “I am most excited to get to put the uniform on and run on the field and fulfill the dream my 7-year-old self-started.”

MHS Senior Haylee Sherman has signed and committed to play Division 2 soccer at Shepherd University. Sherman stated, “In the last 3 or 4 years is when I really thought I had the potential and skill to play at the next level.” Sherman stated her skill and dedication came from the teams she trained with and most importantly her personal training. Sherman's insight about the college requitement process is, “You identify schools you potentially want to play at. Then you communicate with them, and they will evaluate your potential. If they are interested, they will want you to come for an on-campus visit and give you an offer.” Sherman is prepared to play for Shepherd and believes it's an honor to have the opportunity to play at the collegiate level with very skilled players.

Local Berkeley County high school, Martinsburg, is home to many talented athletes who plan to take their sport careers to the next level. Students juggle both their academics, while also putting many hours into their preferred sports. Coaches, both in and out of school make it possible for students to have the foundations to athletically strive. MHS is excited to see what Shallis and Sherman accomplish on the college playing fields!

Community Cup Comes to Martinsburg!

By: Mackenzie Carper

A new local business, “Community Cup” located on 114 Burke Street in Martinsburg, West Virginia, has opened! Community Cup had their grand opening in early January, offering hot and iced coffee, hot and iced teas, hot chocolate, soft drinks, and more! According to Kate Brown, who is the owner, “We were inspired to create a place downtown where people can gather and one that is approachable to everyone. We use good coffee beans (organic fair trade) but keep our prices low so anyone can afford a cup. We want to be more than just a coffee shop. We want to use the space to support the community. We have a lending library with books for adults and children where you can borrow a book and bring it back when you are done without having to give any information. We hope to host tutoring, recovery meetings, etc. after the shop closes for the day. We will be looking to see what needs the community has that we can help address and work towards trying to meet some of those needs.”

Their menu consists of breakfast and bakery items such as muffins, scones, bagels, oatmeal, and pepperoni rolls. Kate said, “My recommended order would be coffee and a blueberry muffin if you want breakfast. Or a sweet tea and a locally made pepperoni roll if you are in the mood for lunch.” The shop has been a 4 yearlong project, with the pandemic causing many delays along the way. Kate Brown had the original vision for Community Cup, and with the support team of dedicated community members they brought the dream to life. This group will work to further the shop and develop community resources.

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Martinsburg Community Cup Store Front!

Chick-Fil-A Makes a Comeback!

By: Savannah Malatt

Martinsburg’s fan favorite fast-food restaurant is finally reopening after remodel! Martinsburg Chick-Fil-A was shut down on October 27, 2022 and is estimated to finish the remodel and open back up between January 30, 2023 and mid February, 2023. The remodel will include a new two lane system, sliding doors so they can run out orders quicker, a bigger parking lot, a larger kitchen, and more room for faster service.

MHS students have found a few solutions to Chick-Fil-A being shut down. “I had to make the drive to Ranson, WV or I wouldn’t get it at all.”, stated Garrett Hite. A lot of MHS students didn’t think Chick-Fil-A would have that big of an effect on them until it was already gone. “I haven’t really had an interest in Chick-Fil-A until it shut down," stated Christian Alter. The closing of Chick-Fil-A has also had an effect on the employees as well. “I miss our Chick-Fil-A, the normal people and normal everything”, said Josh Appiah. Employees have been spending their time volunteering for different organizations in lieu of working at the restaurant. They have helped at soup kitchens and drives, while making a difference in the community.

Chick-Fil-A has been a staple for many local families. People are excited for the reopening of Chick-Fil-A and are counting down the days! The reopening is predicted to bring even more popularity and efficiency to the beloved establishment.

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Reconstruction Progress Inside Chick-Fila-A!

New Years Resolutions: Celebrating An Over 4,000 Year Old Tradition!

By: Ruth Amoreno

New Years Resolutions have been around for over 4, 000 years. New Years Resolutions were created by the Babylonians who lived in south eastern Mesopotamia. According to, "They created New Years Resolutions to please their gods during an eleven day festival called Akitu."

According to, “New Years Resolutions are classified as a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad at the start of the year. People make New Years Resolutions to provide themselves the opportunity to start new and get things right.” Now let’s see what people’s New Years Resolutions are for the year.

Students at Martinsburg High School were interviewed to see what they want to make out of 2023. Rebekka Montealgre has said that her New Years Resolution is “Passing this school year.” When asked how she intends to achieve her New Years resolution she said “by paying attention in class.” Hannah Elfers was also interviewed; she said that her New Years resolution is “Being happy, and that the reason her New Years resolution is being happy is she is tired of being sad.” Rebecca Magruder said her New Years resolution is “ Being Happy .” When asked how she intends to achieve it she said “I am going to focus on myself more.” Isaiah Dawson said his New Years Resolution for this year is to “get his first job." When asked how he intends to achieve it he said, “by applying for jobs.”

A survey was also put out to the public to find out if they made a New Years Resolution, what it was, and if they stuck with it. Of the five people that responded all five made New Years Resolutions. Out of the five people, only two did not stick with their resolution. Their responses consisted of: maintaining their GPA, eating healthy and exercising, putting themselves first, and reading more. Well that is everything you never thought you would learn about New Years Resolutions. Happy New Year to you all!

Lunar New Year: The Year of the Rabbit Commences!

By: Jason Bednarski

It might seem like every part of the world celebrates New Year’s on January 1st. But did you know that there is a different celebration called the Lunar New Year which is celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans. The Lunar New Year celebration is a 15 day festival filled with traditions and this year it will start on January 7th and will end on January 22nd when the Lunar New Year has officially started. Each year the Lunar New Year has one of the 12 zodiac animals that will represent that year.

According to, the Lunar New Year every year has a different one of the 12 zodiac animals. These are a rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The New Year also has 5 elements which are earth, water, wood, fire, and metal. Each year is mapped onto the traditional lunar calendar, so each year is associated with an animal that corresponds to one of the five elements. According to Mrs. Yan the Chinese teacher at Martinsburg High School, “There are only 12 zodiac animals and according to legend there isn’t a cat on the list because the cat and the rat where riding the ox and the rat pushed the cat off of the ox into the water so the cat got upset so it wasn’t put on the list.” For the 2023 Lunar New Year it is known as the year of the rabbit and the last year it was the year of the rabbit was in 2011. The Lunar New Year can trace its roots back to the 14th century B.C. The Shang Dynasty, under Wu of Han, started the tradition of carrying out rituals on the first Lunar New Year.

The Lunar New Year is a celebration with its own traditions and customs. Often in preparation for the New Year, people will clean their houses thoroughly. This is done because it is believed that cleaning your house will rid it of inauspicious spirits that may have collected during the last lunar year. Some will hold rituals where they will offer food and paper icons to their ancestors and it is where the elders will give their grandchildren decorated envelopes which contain money. The last thing that happens during the celebration is the Lantern Festival which concludes the holiday with parades, dances, games and fireworks marking the finale of the holiday. According to Mrs.Yan, “Every Chinese New Year I remember that I would receive a gold coin as my gift from my family.”

The Lunar New Year is also known for a time of feasting. During this time foods are made with glutinous rice because these foods represent togetherness. In Chinese culture fish is typically included in the last course because in the Chinese language, the pronunciation of “fish'' is the same as “abundance.” Some of the other foods served during the Lunar New Year are moon-shaped rice cakes, and dumplings. “During the Chinese New Year me and my family would eat chicken, duck, and sometimes other meat. Also it is tradition for some people to eat fish during the celebration, but my family did not eat fish", said Yan.

Rihanna Returns for Super Bowl LVII!

By: Ruby Amores

Produced by DPS with Roc Nation and Jesse Collins as executive producers and Hamlisch Hamilton as director, Rihanna is coming to the Super Bowl. The time has come for Rihanna to finally step back into the entertainment industry, doing so in the most iconic way possible, performing the Super Bowl LVII Halftime show. This year the Super Bowl will take place in the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday Feb 12th, 2023 at 6:30 pm EST. Rihanna was booked to perform at the Super Bowl by none other than Jay-Z himself saying, “Rihanna is a generational talent, a women of humble beginnings who has surpassed expectations at every turn.”

*In the past the Super Bowl halftime show has been sponsored by Pepsi, but this year halftime will be sponsored by Apple Music. The President of Apple Music said “We are excited to partner with Rihanna—what an incredible artist for the inaugural Apple Music Super Bowl halftime show."* The last time Rihanna did a public performance was 2016 while she was on “The Anti World Tour” in support of her latest released album “Anti." Many of Rihanna’s fans are excited for her to return to the stage including several MHS students. “I’m very excited considering it's been a while for her,” said MHS Junior, Isabel Banks. Some fans have specific songs they wish to hear such as MHS Sophomore, Vaylee Olack. “I would love to see her perform ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Love on the Brain," said Vaylee. Other fans are just eager to see her perform again, “I do not have a particular song of hers to perform because I love all her songs,” said MHS freshman, Mady Deleon.

It is not uncommon for even non-sports-fans to watch the Super Bowl just for the iconic commercials and the celebrity performances. “I’m not the biggest fan of football but I’ve watched the Super Bowl every year since I was a kid with my family. I watched for the sport and the halftime show,” said Mady. For some, the Super Bowl is not just a regular football game but a time for families to come together.

Back in 2019 Rihanna was invited to perform the Super Bowl halftime show. Rihanna declined the offer in solidarity to Colin Kaepernick the former San Francisco quarterback who was blacklisted by the NFL for kneeling during the National Anthem. It is unclear why she accepted the invitation this year specifically.

Most Anticipated Video Games Releasing in 2023

By: Aden Reid

With every new year comes new technology, movie, and game announcements. This is

a list of 10 of the most anticipated video games with 2023 release dates and why you might buy

them. All my information is coming from the following sites: Time, IGN, Gameshub, and

The first game announced, in no particular order, is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the

Kingdom. Published by Nintendo this is a sequel to the Breath of the Wild game with all new

gameplay. Releasing on May 12th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch it will cost $59.99. The

second one is Starfield from Bethesda, a starcross adventure where your objective is to find a

new life for yourself. Releasing sometime in the first half of 2023 it will only be available through

xbox devices and the Xbox extension on Windows. Starfield will cost $69.99 or free for Xbox

Game Pass subscribers. Third is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games. Sequel to the

2018 game now with Venom and Miles Morales Spiderman from his own game. Releasing this

Autumn exclusively for PlayStation 5. Fourth on the list is long overdue. Hogwarts Legacy from

Warner Bros Games will be a whole new story based in the Harry Potter world. Releasing on

February 10th for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC for $59.99. Fifth is a new game called

Redfall from Arkane Studios. With 4 heroes to choose from it’s an open world, co-op shooter, full

of evil vampires. Releasing on May 2nd only for Xbox users, Redfall will cost $69.99. The Sixth

game might have a familiar name. Minecraft Legends, from Microsoft Studios, is another spinoff from the main game. It's an action strategy where you command an army of mobs to defend the world from pigs from another dimension. Releasing this spring on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC the price is not available but it will be free on Game Pass. Number seven is a returning sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from Electronic Arts. It will follow the events of the original story with new exciting characters and difficult challenges. Releasing March 17th on PlayStation, Xbox and PC it will cost $69.99. The eighth one is Diablo IV from Activision Blizzard. This will be the next rendition of the franchise featuring a top down view dungeon crawler game. Available on June 6th on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC for $69.99. Nine will be Hollow Knight: Silk Song from Team Cherry. Another sequel, where this time you play as the antagonist from the first game but with new enemies and challenges. Releasing in the first half of the year it'll be available on

everything including, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC for $25.00. Finally the tenth and last

game is the Dead Space remake by EA. This remake from the 2008 game will give renewed

visuals and updated mechanics. The game is based in the future where an engineer boards a

mining ship and finds the crew horribly mutated. Releasing January 27th on only Xbox Series

X/S, PS5, and PC for $69.99.

If you like fresh new titles from the top game publishers you're sure to find something you'll like

in this list. Like Junior Nessan Mungovan, "I've fallen in love with gaming again out of nowhere."

All these titles and many more will all be available in 2023.

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Top Row- Ruth Amoreno, Mackenzie Carper, Aden Reid, Phoebe Porter, Jason Bednarski

Second Row- Bella Walsh, Ruby Amores, Savannah Malatt, Editor- Valerie Clabaugh

Third Row- Advisor- Ms. Foreman

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