Find the best regions (and the worst) to stay alive and safe

The regions.

Well, while some of us expect the best, others expect the worst. Which means they expect a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! If this ever happens, this guide will show you the best regions to be in to keep safe.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky mountains are a series of mountains that stretch from Alaska to New Mexico. These mountains are younger, taller, and more sharp than the Appalachian mountains. These mountains are rugged and are on the west coast. Hey contain the continental divide, which is saying, any river east of the mountains flow east, and vise versa. I rate this region an 8 because they have many hiding spots and good places to defend yourself. On the flip side, it is hard to travel across them. Plus, they could surround you on the peak of a mountain.
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The Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is a bunch of hills worn out because of erosion. Hundreds of the lakes there of carved by glaciers. Some of the oldest rock formations are there.It surrounds the Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes. It got it's name because of it's shape; a shield! I rate this region a 9.5 because it has many hills, trees, rocks and rivers to hide, run, and defend yourself. The one problem is that when you are running, these things block your way so you have opsticles.

The Great Plains

This place is a dry grass land that is known for it's flat lands, rolling hills and tornadoes. It has terrible farm land. It is in the middle of the United States of America. I rate this place a 2 because this place has lots of running space, but it has no hiding spots, defence, or water and food source.
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Tips for survival

Well, just because you found a good region to stay in, does not mean that you are completely isolated from zombies. You should go in a house, lock all doors, and make sure you have supplies (that will be in the next paragraph). If any body is acting funny, isolate them in a room alone.

Supplies to bring

Here are some supplies that you will need for a zombie apocalypse.

- food, at least enough to last a week.

-water, one gallon per person, per day.

-a radio, so you know what's happening.


-1st aid kit/ medicine

-extra cash

-sleeping bag, 1 per person

-extra clothes

-maps of the area

Good luck, and I hope you stay alive.