Social Studies PLC

Muskogee High School


Leader: Diane Walker

Reporter: Keith Coleman

Team Members: Zach Anderson, Kerry Hilmon, Kevin Hogue, Cynthia Kane, Paul McCann, Jason Medrano, Todd Peck, Dewayne Pemberton, Jack Reavis, Dyan Riley, Janet Stowers, Diane Walker, Don Yates

Team Leader for next year: Kevin Hogue

Co-Leader: Paul McCann

Reporter: Keith Coleman


We produced a booklet with primary sources that are aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) for the U.S. History EOI. We have also focused 9th Grade Oklahoma/Govt. and 10th grade World History textbooks/OAS with these documents so that there is vertical alignment.

Process: We broke up into small groups dividing the OAS between the groups making sure there was a U.S. History teacher in each group while having the group be heterogeneous in the other grades and subjects. At the end of 2 meetings for each standard we would then rejoin into our large group and discuss what we had found and determined what were good resources.

Other products/decisions

Benchmarks and Technological Advances

2013 our EOI score was a 66

2012 our EOI score was a 57

We have raised our score by 11 points

Kevin Hogue built a 9th and 10th grade EOI prep benchmark using Study Island questions which were used this past semester for the first time. We hope to start the next school year off with these being used at least 2x a semester for 9th grade semester classes and 3x or more for the 10th grade year long World History classes.

Progress: New Technology we are able to now complete benchmarks in our classroom, do research for project based learning and primary source document reading instead of having to reserve a computer lab so all of these processes should be easier for next year

Content Standard One Example

Prentice Hall World History Modern Era

Primary Sources, Standard 1, Objective 2:

Sites for General Use

- Our

- Library of Congress teacher resources:

- National Archives:

- Documents from 800 AD to 2009 AD

- Immigration Pg. 342 Italian, 351 Jewish 368 Irish Immigrations,

o Pg. 530 Isolationism



- Chinese Exclusion Act Pg. 530


None of these are in World Book/ Some are in Oklahoma: Land of Opportunity

- Assimilation pg. 126

Wounded Knee


- Dawes Act—Pgs. 270-271


- Red Cloud’s Cooper Union speech

- Chief Joseph’s I Will Fight No More pg. 233