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Fall 2018

Instructional Technology Leadership (ITL) Program

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What is the ITL Endorsement Program?

Omaha Public Schools and the University of Nebraska are partnering to offer an endorsement program in Instructional Technology Leadership. The role of educators today is always evolving and this program's goal is to strengthen leadership skills in the area of instructional technology integration. Tuition and books will be fully funded for participants with a grant through the Sherwood Foundation.

Endorsement Info

  • Required: 15 credit hours
  • Optional: Additional "capstone" course for 3 credits to work towards completing 18 credit hours towards move on salary schedule
  • Optional: approved credits can be used towards a Master's Degree in approved curriculum areas

Course Info

Location: University of Nebraska Omaha

Style: Blended

Class Dates: Once a month (one weekend day-Fri, Sat, or Sun)

Fall 2018 class dates: Saturdays, 8/25/18, 9/22/18, 10/27/18, 12/1/18

Duration: Completion of endorsement 1 calendar year from starting semester: Fall 2018-Summer 2019.

Cohort PLC meetings: Monthly, same dates as class meetings


  • TED 8050 Data Driven Decision Making
  • TED 8450 Digital Citizenship
  • TED 8550 Technology for Creative and Critical Thinking
  • TED 8560 Technology for Diverse Populations
  • TED 8580 Online Teaching and Learning
  • TED 8590 Teaching and Learning in Digital Environments

Commitment Requirements

If accepted, you will need to adhere to the following:

  • Minimum of 2 years of employment with OPS after program completion
  • Provide 2 instances of PD to peers per year for 2 years after program completion
  • Produce minimum of "B" quality coursework
  • Obligation to pay back tuition/book fees if you withdraw or are withdrawn from program

Application Information~Certified Staff Only

  • OPS Applications due by 5:00 PM on Friday, June 8th.
  • Notice of acceptance by June 13th.
  • Participant spots are limited-act fast to secure yours!
  • NOTE: If accepted into the OPS cohort, it does not guarantee you will be accepted by UNO. After OPS acceptance notification, you will be given further directions to apply to UNO. If UNO requirements are met, you will be admitted into the program.

Please complete the following application by June 8, 2018.


Email: McKenzie White