Indian Artisans


Ancient India had many different artisans in their time. One of them was named Badri Lal Chritrakar. He was born on February 1920 and was the oldest surviving artist in India. Bardri also won many awards, he won the Shilp Guru Award. The National Award of Master craftperson, and the Pune Festival Award.


In ancient India, people carved a lot of Sculptors and statues. One of the most famous sculptors in India was stone carvings of buildings. A famous temple in India with stone carving would be the Karni Mata temple. It had beautiful carving of leaves all over the sides and really detailed little animals on the sides.


Ustad Ali Akbar Khan was one of the most accomplished Indian musician. He wrote all kinds if music but his favorite and most popular was classical. He also won many awards. He was the first in his time to ever get a record of music and everyone loved it. He traveled all over the world playing his music, and he was very popular.


In ancient India, there were many famous writers. One of the most famous was Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. He wrote poems and he was a great novelists. He had a hard childhood and through it all what made him happy was writing. He became very famous and he was a great writer.