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Thursday, May 12th, Day 2

Attention Staff

Andy Hart is out of the building today

Kindergarten teachers asked Jeff Carson to build a bench in memory of our friend and colleague, Michele Cuminale. Josh Mull is going to add a few personal details before we officially dedicate it as Michele’s bench. If you would like to contribute to the cost please put your donation in an envelope that Raylene will have. Any money that is collected beyond the total cost of the bench will be given to Michele’s Character Education program. You will be notified of the Dedication date. If you would like to submit any ideas for this dedication please email M.A. Pavone.

You can see this beautifully crafted cedar bench in Rm 600. Thank you in advance for your support.

There will be a Pancake Breakfast in Memory of Michele Cuminale on May 15th at Charlie Riedels from 8am-11:00am the cost is $5.00. All proceeds will go towards the Character Education Fund in Michele's name. Tickets can be purchased in the K-1 and 2-3 offices.


5/12-Grade Level Meeting-8am-Grade level leaders room

5/17-SIPT-7:45am-Room 463

5/20-AIS Providers Interventionists-8am-Room 463

5/24-PAC-7:45am-Room 463

5/27-K-5 RtI Team-Room 463


5/12-Pavone-Bluebird house building project-Canandaigua Academy-12:20-2:20pm

5/13-Rause/Thomas/Scott-Seneca Park Zoo-9:30-2pm

5/24-All 4th Grade classes-Genesee Country Museum-9am-2pm

5/24-Fitzgerald/Harris/Bay/Sossong-Cummings Nature Center-9am-1pm

5/24-Trumbull-Seneca Park Zoo--am-2pm

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May Birthdays

5/12-Shelly O'Brien

5/14-Stacy Bills

5/20-Maureen Kanaley-Messina

5/20-Kym McCarthy

5/20-Marcy Hart

5/21-Laura Jo Smith

5/21-Christine D'Amato

5/23-Brandon Herod

5/23-Erin Hopkins

5/30-Karla Santoro

5/30-Deanna Dramer

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.

Enrollment Changes

New Student:

Leaving the District:

Returning to the District:

Changing Classrooms



Adams, Kackie/Beth Johnson (am), Jed Kovalovsky (pm)

Austin, Melanie/Ellen Weeks

Austin,Tracie/pm/Regina Crawford

Baker, Shirley/no sub

Beaudoin, Katie/Heather Power

Buck, Debbie/Bonnie Passero

Cahoon, Kristina/no sub

Cirone, Jean/am/Sue Hogan

Clingersmith, Jill/Kristin Galens (am) April Buchholz (pm)

Consaul, Elizabeth/Val Clarke (am)

Daul, Erin/am/Peggy Bay

Davis, Kelly/.25pm/no sub

Flacco, Wendy/no sub

Gleason, Ann/Sue Yarnall

Hart, Andy/no sub

Hart, Kylie/am/Robert Lawton

Lawrence, Julie/am/no sub

Mancuso, Katie/Laura Ouimette

Manning, Jen/covered

Martin, Kim/pm/no sub

McCarthy, Mike/Maria Bolster

Miller, Katie/April Buchholz

O'Mara, John/Todd Kester

Payne, Cathy/pm/Kathryn Schilstra

Pierce-Morey, Lynn/.25am/no sub

Rothermel, Amy/Tabitha Metz

Schopinsky, Kathleen/.25am/no sub

Smith, Julie Marie/Rebecca Hudson

Wade, Amy/no sub

Wilbert, Linda/no sub