staff news

week 7 term 3


5/6 class to attend Performing Arts rehearsal. Students will depart school at 9.15 am by private transport. Unfortunately numbers are not finalised. Lesyle and I will attend and help with transport. For students not attending, I have organised for work for them and they will be split into k/1 and 2/3/4 classes. If there are a large number not attending I will remain with class at school and Lesyle will supervise group.

Evening performance commencing at 6.30pm – 8.30pm Mon, Tues, Wed

No staff meeting this week due to Performing Arts


Change to RFF- Due to Leslye attending Tuesday afternoon rehearsal with students, Phil to have music release for first hour and Kell to have music second hour.

Sue to have 5/6L for first 2 hrs- Jo and I in meeting with Mike Duncan from 8.30am. Sue will then take k/1 for the remainder of day. Kell on release.


Smash Program

PTTS principal’s meeting at Ballina from 2.00pm. Sue on 5/6


Phil away at Live Life Well course

k/1 assembly


Phil away at Live Life Well course


I will forward minutes from last week's meeting today. Sorry for the delay.

Staff meeting agenda

· No staff meeting wk 7