By Jesse Berend


The Christian religion is the belief that there once was a being named Jesus and that he was the lord and savior.

Stuff about beliefs

A religious belief is something that you don't know for sure is there but you have a very good feeling that it is there so you decide to believe in it.

Myths and stories.

A myth or a story is something that is told to make people know right from wrong.

The jewish religion uses the first 5 books from the old testament.

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Religious symbols

A religious symbol is something that you recognize a religion by.
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Social Structure

Social structure within religion is the community of people that believe in the same religion as you. The group of people that believe in the same thing as you gather together.

Christians gather in a church but Jewish people gather in a Synagogue.

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Ethics is pretty much just the code of good behavior and knowing what's right and wrong.

Christians ands Jews have the same ethics and social values.

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A religious ritual is something that you do as a way to connect to your religious peers and leader.

A ritual that both the Jewish people and Christians celebrate is marriage. Something that Jewish people do in the ceremony is the groom stands on a glass.

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Sacred Texts

Sacred texts are religious things that are written down.

Christian sacred texts are written in a bible but Jewish texts are written in a torah.

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Religious Experience and Spirituality

Religious experiences are things like miracles that people experience.

Christians have saints and Jewish people don't have saints but have pilgrimage.

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