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  1. Mars is 142 million miles away from the sun
  2. Mars has 2 moons
  3. Mars orbits the sun 14.5 miles per hour
  4. Mars has a tilt of 25°
  5. One year on mars is 687 earth days
  6. One day on mars is 24 hours and 37 minutes
  7. The temperature on mars is -81 °F
  8. The atmosphere is most likely carbon dioxide but some water vapor
  9. The diameter of Mars is 4,220 miles
  10. Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system named after the Roman god of war


  1. It is very safe for humans
  2. We have a cancer cell remover
  3. We have state of the art clothes that can be hurt by anything
  4. The atmosphere is clean nice but really hot in some places
  5. There is nothing harmful to humans
  6. Since it's so relaxing it will be easy to adapt
  7. There is special clothing
  8. There are travel balls that you get in and you put in a destination and it takes you their
  9. The ball is clear and has a circular shape with indestructible glass
  10. It looks like earth a little but with more land then water
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