Period 3: 1754-1800

Hannah Elmore 1/4/16

Views After Seven Years' War

  • Britain believed the colonists could not protect themselves nor were they willing to try to protect themselves
  • Colonists believed proudly that they could protect themselves and did not like the British's style of war or how the British treated them
  • These different views of each other caused a great deal of tension
  • American and National Identity (NAT)- the foreign policy, Britain, and the colonies were disagreeing over citizenship that would cause many problems

Crisis over British Laws

  • Politics and Power (POL)- colonists did not want the British's laws and pushed the colonists to want something different

First Continental Congress

  • At the beginning, the Congress did not desire a fight for independence rather they wanted to make peace with Britain
  • Congress told colonists to repeal the Intolerable Acts by making military preparations or boycotting
  • If the colonists' rights were not given to them then the Congress would meet again in May 1775
  • Politics and Power (POL)- the start of the different views in America on whether or not to stay with Britain and how the different groups influenced the outcome
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Declaration of Independence

  • Colonists desired to be independent after it was clear Britain would not try to fix their mistakes or the relationship with the colonists
  • Declared America as an independent nation
  • Spread the spirit to fight for independence around the colonies and even encouraged foreign nations to help the colonies in their war for independence
  • American and Nation Identity (NAT)- the ever document that made America into a nation
GED Social Studies Class Declaration of Independence

Drafting the Constitution

  • Since the Articles of Confederation did not work, delegates from 12 out of the 13 states decided to write a Constitution
  • Many problems over representation in voting occurred and would be fixed with compromises
  • Problems arose between Federalists and Anti-Federalists; Federalists passed their Constitution by adding a Bill of Rights for the Anti-Federalists
  • Politics and Power (POL)- set up the type of government and laws that would be used in America
GED Social Studies Class Drafting the Constitution