The Home of the Brave

By: Emily Shaw

Social Issue

The social issue of Home of the Brave is that when Kek's brother and father died and his mother has gone missing he has to go to America and since he lived in Africa he doesn't even know the American language (English) he has a problem.

How can I be an advocate for this social issue?

I can become an advocate by, being his friend.Helping through his problems. Like telling him that his mother will come eventually. That he belongs in America with his mother when she does come. He has to stay confident that his mother will be there.

How Kek Changed

In the beginning of the story Kek is wondering if he really belongs here. With a messed up language, and weird things that don't make sense he doesn't understand he wonders "Do I really belong here?"

In the end of the story Kek actually feels good about himself he actually thinks he belongs there in his new home of America.