Galileo's Telescope

The father of modern astronomy

He Was the First to See Many Astrological Bodies

Contrary to popular belief, Galileo did NOT create the modern telescope, a man named Hans Lippershey did. When Lippershey made it, the telescope was only a magnification of about 3x, barely better than peering through a paper roll. In 1609, Galileo heard about the telescope and, without even seeing one, created a telescope with a magnification of also 3x! Galileo then improved it to 10x, took it to the Venetian Senate, had his salary doubled, and became a lecturer of the University of Padua. Galileo was the first person to point a telescope at the heavens.

Galileo Created Multiple Designs

What He Saw

Galileo was the first to see four moons of Jupiter, Lo, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. Unfortunately, a man named Simon Marius claimed to have seen those moons about five weeks prior, but he failed to publish his works so Galileo got all the fame. Galileo also observed the phases of the moon in great detail, and that Venus has light and dark phases, like a moon. His greatest discovery was the four largest moons of Jupiter, but he went out because he would stare at the sun just to see the sun spots! Galileo devoted a large part of his life to astronomy, but he pursued may other things too.
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