The IoTS Accelerator for Europe

We are inviting dynamic teams that can deliver to apply to join our accelerator at four European locations: Cartagena (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Zoetermeer (Netherlands).
By 2020 IoTS service and product providers are expected to generate in excess of €240 billion. We will help entrepreneurs develop their products and businesses in order to grow and access the 500 million strong market of the EU.

So what do we offer?

As a member of a Startup Scaleup team, you will begin your journey with a crash Hello IoT’ers! week at your home hub. This highly intensive start will provide the foundation for you and your team to reach your goals, week in week out over the following six months. You’ll get to meet other local teams, set KPIs and strengthen the fundamentals that will help you take your product to the next stage and scale your startup

You’ll take part in events and other activities, at least once every two weeks that will help make sure you’re on target and getting the help you need. For the six month period, you’ll have access to a wealth of IoT tailor-made courses, tools and resources that will have your team ready for anything from business growth and international expansion to getting your product ready and being investor magnets!

You’ll have a mentor assigned, someone who has been in your shoes with the experience to help your startup grow and grow quickly.

But what makes us special?

1. We are already international, from the get-go you will have free and unlimited access to the facilities of your home hub but if you want to travel to another hub to enjoy what they have to offer, you can. Our peer network covers all four corners of Europe, working together Startup Scaleup teams can conquer different regions, languages, cultures and markets. We pair your team with other startups just like you with International-eyes.
2. We will have IoT experts and developers who you can consult to stay ahead of the curve combined with a coding forum specifically for IoT when that line is just not working. All our startups will receive a technology assessment by the Startup Scaleup tech squad who will give the technology a This Works! endorsement for that sceptical investor.
3. We have great facilities from productivity suites to IoT testing labs. This includes partners’ facilities as well, if you have a meeting in say Madrid we can provide you with meeting rooms so you don’t have to have that all important pitch at a Starbucks.
4. But when you do pitch, you’ll be perfect, regular Pitcher and Pint competitions and training will give you the chance to try out something new each time and the ultimate winners from each hub will go on to compete at an international event where you can meet influencers and make key contacts.
For more information get in contact at or follow our F6S page.
Close of applications for the first programme is 31st July 2015

You'll start on IoT'ers week at one of our four hubs on 19th October 1015