Chinese Culture

By Hannah Saunders

Chinese Canadians

The first Chinese that came to Canada arrived 1858 to pan for gold in British Columbia. The next Chinese immigrants that came to Canada came in the 1880 to build The last part of the CP Rail. They were given the most dangerous job for the lowest pay. The earned One dollar a day. They also had to pay for their own supplies unlike the white men. In 1885 after the railway was complete the government said that all Chinese people entering Canada payed a head tax of $50. In 1900 the government puts out a warning about raising the head tax to $100 in 1902. In 1903 the government raised the head tax to $500. They did that to stop Chinese people from coming to Canada. Now Chinese people have grouped together making chinatowns in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.


Kung Fu. The Chinese people created Kung Fu as a fighting technique thousands of years ago. Although they knew how to fight with weapons made from rocks and wood, attack and defence skills with your bare hands became essential. Now it's a dance like sport that people do all over the world.

Horse Racing. Riding a horse is an essential part of the lifestyle of the ethnic groups, especially in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang,Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. Most people that live in those areas live on the plains, a natural field for racing. Some contests involve racing and throwing spears on horseback.
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Chinese Zodiac

There are many legends about the Chinese zodiac depending on what religion you are. The Chinese believe that the animal ruling one’s birth determines destiny and personality. The say “this animal hides in your heart.” The most known legend. The Jade emperor ordered that the first 12 animals to arrive at a specific date would be calendar sings. The cat and rat were good friends and the rat agreed that he would wake cat up and they would go together. In the morning the rat was to excited he forgot to wake up cat. On his way to the gathering place the rat found that there were many animals that ran faster then him and he could not keep up. So that he would not fall behind he made a deal with the ox. The ox would carry him if the rat sang to the ox. The ox thought he was the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac but the rat slipped in front of him and therefore became the first calendar sign.rats friend cat was to late and when he arrived the selection was over. That is why cats hate rats and will chase and kill them every time the see them. Some people say it was the Yellow Emperor who intended to select twelve guards.
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Art is a big part of any culture. The chinese use pottery, painting, music, embroidery, lanterns and kites to express themselves. Making and flying kites reflected the mood of spring. Some high quality kites are covered in silk. To start pare and flex bamboo into thin strips for the frame, they can have shapes as diverse as that of a dragonfly, swallow, centipede or butterfly. Then you paste paper onto the framework, then decorate them with colorful chiffon, ribbons and paintings.

Different kinds of patterns were drawn on the covers. With dragon and phoenix patterns on them, these lanterns were also used as decorations in palaces. Their shapes were diverse, such as octagonal, hexagonal and even diametric.

Chinese toys include lots of brain games. Some of the most popular include. The puzzle ring which you have to separate or join 9 rings. another toy is made of 7 pieces and you have to make a certain design without leaving any gaps.

Chinese Superstitions

  1. Building a house facing the North brings ruin to the family.

  2. The Chinese believe that the number 8 is a lucky number because the pronunciation of the number eight and the pronunciation of the word for prosperity in Chinese are similar. So if a house number or the registration number of a car has the 8 as a number, people think it is a lucky sign.

  3. The number 4 is considered as unlucky, because the number 4 in Chinese has the pronunciation similar to the word for the word 'death'. So the number is unacceptable for vehicles and houses.

  4. If a dog howls for a few hours in late night, it means someone died somewhere.


They Believe that in the stone age people whose hands hurt may touch a stone by accident then would feel better. Over time they improved the shape of the stone. Until it evolved into the needle we use today.

Massages can cure you but they are also used for keeping fit. There are many types of massages, if you massage the feet it has effect on your whole body because your feet have a close relationship with the rest of your body.


Most clothing is made of silk and has embroidery on it. Only emperors can were dragon robes they are called that because of the dragons embroidered on to it.the dragons have 5 claws and are yellow.

Women wore long tunics that reach the ground men wore tunics that reached their knees. People prefer dark colours over light.


Pecking duck originated about 600 years ago when cooks from all over china came to cook for the emperor. After the fall of ming dynasty those cook brought those high quality foods the streets of Beijing.

Dumplings were created by a doctor who made a healing mixture to cure chilblains and raped it in a small pancake. He then put them in a herbal soup and gave it to patients.