Best business phone

About Blackberrys


This phone is best for business as you can receive emails and the QWERTY keyboard means you can type easily.Also there is a large battery so you could work for a longer period of time and get more work done.Voice activated dialling would also mean you would be able to save time.
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• On I phones you can facetime this would be useful on the blackberry because you could have a video conference and even if you weren’t at work you could still talk face to face and more work could be done.

However having a blackberry could distract an employee from his /her work and while out of work if distracted they may not be concentrated on the road and there could be an accident. If the employee lost his phone or if it was stolen the phone could get hacked and important emails could be read and details stolen. Blackberry can also be very expensive and the cost can add up especially if the phone was being used abroad. For example if you wanted a blackberry with unlimited texts, calls and internet it could set you back £41 a month- or also £984 for the two year contract.


John works for a large telecommunications company. He has an important job and regularly receives phone calls and emails throughout the day, and sometimes during the evening. He rarely takes time off for holidays, but when he does he takes his work phone with him. This means he can still read his work emails and respond where necessary.
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Do you think it is fair that John takes his phone on holiday?

John should not have to take his phone on holiday as a holiday should mean a break and therefore not working and having his phone means that he would still be working.

What do you think would happen if he didn’t’t?

If he did not take any phone calls or replay to emails as he has an important position there could be a lot of confusion in the company and people may get angry at him for not doing his job.

Do you think he feels under pressure from his boss to constantly work?

He properly is under pressure as he wants to please him, because of this he properly feels like he has to work during his holiday.

Are there any alternatives?

An alternative could be that his boss has another person available for when he goes on holiday to receive his emails and phone calls so john is free to relax on his holiday.
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