Percussion Stuff!

March 6-13, 2015


Tomorrow is the big day we have been rehearsing for since mid-December--Solo and Ensemble!

Things to Remember:

--Students need to be at South High at 9:00 am to load the truck.

--They need to wear any combination of purple and black. No t-shirts, denim or tennis shoes.

--We will carpool to Parkway Central High School.

--We will be there for the remainder of the day, students will need to remain appropriately dressed until we get back to South around 5:00 to unload the truck.

--Parents if you would wear Parkway South gear, that would be awesome.

--Full schedule is below.

St. Louis Suburban Solo and Ensemble Festival

Saturday, March 7th, 9am-5:45pm

369 North Woods Mill Road

Chesterfield, MO

WHO: All Symphonic Percussion members

WHAT: Solo and Ensemble Festival 2015

WHEN: Saturday, March 7, 2015

WHERE: Parkway Central High School

WHY: Required performance to demonstrate independent performance skills

9:00 am: Meet at South High to load the truck.

9:30 am: Drive to Parkway Central

10:00 am: Arrive at Parkway Central to unload the truck.

10:30 am: Raymond warm-up for SD solo

11:15 am: assist Raymond to Room 120 for solo.

11:24 am: Raymond should be at the room, waiting

11:34 am: Raymond Waidmann SD Solo, Room 120 (help with equipment)

--Immediately after Raymond’s solo, Sizzle and Alarm/Dakota begin warm-up and run throughs.

11:48 am: Austin Ryder Baritone Solo, Room 403

12:20 pm: Sizzle Percussion Ensemble in Room 121 (help with equipment)

12:29 pm: Alarm/Dakota Percussion Ensemble in Room 121 (help with equipment) --Immediately after Alarm/Dakota, Moonrise should begin warm-up and run through.

1:26 pm: Austin Ryder’s Baritone Trio in room 412

12:40: Ryan Godar begin warm-up and run throughs.

12:45: Drew Poepping and Kristin Gummersheimer begin warm-up and run throughs.

11:55: Caitlin Jackson begin warm-up and run throughs

1:35 pm: Moonrise Percussion Ensemble in Room 121 (help with equipiment)

1:40 pm: Ryan Godar SD Solo, Room 119 (help with equipment)

1:44 pm: Drew Poepping Timpani Solo, Room 121 (help with equipment)

1:47 pm: Kristin Gummersheimer Marimba Solo, Room 119 (help with equipment)

1:54 pm: Caitlin Jackson Marimba Solo, Room 119 (help with equipmnet)

3:10 pm: The Winding River begins warm-up and run throughs

4:00 pm: be at room 121, waiting

4:08 pm: The Winding River Percussion Ensemble, Room 121 (help with equipment)

4:15 pm: load the truck

4:45 pm: Leave Central for South

5:15 pm: Unload the truck at South

5:45 pm: Done--go home

There are more details and information at:

The students are sounding really good. Please come to Central High and support the Parkway South Students. You can also find a complete Parkway South Band Schedule on my weebly site.


Next week in class, we will review the results of Solo and Ensemble Festival and begin earnest work on Death By Oooga Booga, Chopsticks and Comic Relief.

Spring Break starts on Friday, March 13--enjoy it and come back ready to end the year with an awesome concert!