The New York Times

September 7, 1922 $0.02

Jay Gatsby Found Dead in Murder/Suicide By Isac Carranza

Police on investigation of Jay Gatsby who was found murdered at the front of his pool by George Wilson, the husband of Myrtle Wilson who was killed in a hit-and-run accident yesterday. Medical examiners said the cause of death was a shot at the back through the heart and Gatsby fell back to the bottom of the pool. George believed that Gatsby was the one who killed Myrtle because he knew the type of car Gatsby was riding and right after he shot him he committed suicide before the police arrived.


America is still having a problem with the increased of organized crime to 24% since the beginning of 1920 and 1921. I think we should act upon to repeal on the prohibition act because even if it helped families with the drinking problem, it didn't stop others to operate black markets and illegal smuggling of alcohol to this day.

New 1923 Maxwell Club Sedan

1923 Maxwell Club Sedan includes many features found in autos at twice the price including windscreen cleaner and visor, disc wheels and non skid cord tires, rear vision mirror, heaters and rear passengers foot rail,

Meyer Wolfshiem Arrested

New York crime kingpin, Meyer Wolfshiem was arrested when new evidence confirmed that he was behind the Black Sox Scandal, who he fixed in the 1919 world series. The Eight White Sox Players confessed that they intentionally lose the games in exchange for money by the Gambler Meyer Wolfshiem. He was summoned to Chicago to testify before a Grand Jury until further notice.