Andrew Jackson

Important Events during Presidency

"Killing The National Bank"

  • Jackson believed the Nation Bank was, "Unconstitutional" and despised it. He wanted to rid of it, despite the Supreme Court's ruling in McCulloch v. Maryland. Jackson rid the bank when the charter was waiting to be approved; Jackson vetoed it, and ordered the all the money/funds to the state banks; and the National Bank was gotten rid of.

"Nullification Crisis"

  • When the,"Tariff of 1820" was passed, it enraged Southern States; Especially South Carolina, who heavily depended on European trading. Since in the South, there isn't as much industry and manufacturing to make their own goods. South Carolina tried to nullify the tariff, but Jackson refused. South Carolina threatened to secede from the U.S , if the tariff wasn't nullified. Shortly after Jackson passed the,"Force Bill", that made Southerners pay for tariffs anyways.

"Indian Removal Act"

  • The Indian Removal Act allowed the U.S Government to "Exchange" the Indian's land with less desirable land; West of the Mississippi. The Indians believed it was unfair and brought the case to court. Even though the Cherokees won the Supreme Court's ruling, Jackson disapproved and drove the Indians forcefully anyways. Leaving Georgia, where the gold was discovered, to the people ( Whites ).
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Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

  • It was very ironic that Jackson's face was on the $20 bill; Yet he was the one who despised and believed the National Bank was Unconstitutional. Also Jackson was the one who "Killed the National Bank ". Wanting to distribute the money to all the State's Banks


  • Finally Jackson got rid of those petty Cherokees. Now we can have their gold! And their fertile land all to ourselves. The nerve of the Cherokees trying to take the land that's rightfully ours. That will show them Jackson!

- From a Greedy plantation owner

  • I Can't believe Jackson thought that he had the right to pass that "Tariff of Abomination" to put tax on our only way to have goods! Jackson knows we aren't like the North. South Carolina HEAVILY relies on European trade and Jackson knows it! Then he was being VERY UNCONSTITUTIONAL and passed that "Force Bill" don't get me even started of how uncalled for that stupid bill was,

- From an Angry Southerner