The Tiger Times

October 12, 2018

First Edition of the HES Newspaper!

Mrs. Gray's class is starting a newspaper for the Houston Elementary School.We are so excited for this! We have never done this before so please be respectful and nice when reading our paper.

Educational Quote

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

-Nelson Mandela

Inspirational Quote

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

-Carol Burnett

Upcoming Events

*October 17 - End of first quarter

1st quarter ends, for elementary students. All AR points will be reset. Report cards will be sent home on October 25, 2018, during Parent Teacher Conference.

*October 26 and 29th-NO SCHOOL

*Fall 2018 Elementary Book Fair Dates @ The Elementary Library (Times: 7:45 AM.-4:30 PM.)

Oct. 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th

Ending Oct 25th at end of Parent Teacher Conferences (7:00 PM)

*October 25 - Parent Teacher Conference

1:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

*November 6 - Proud Little Americans (1st grade students)

(1:00 pm) - Rehearsal

(6:00 pm) - Performance

*December 10 - Santa's Holiday Hoedown (4th and 5th grade students)

(1:00 pm) - Rehearsal

(6:00 pm) - Performance

Mrs. Jarrett

Mrs.Jarrett is the principal at Houston Elementary. Before she was a principal, she was an assistant high school principal, school counselor, and a special education teacher. Mrs. Jarrett also went to school and is a marriage and family therapist. She has been in education 14 years and all but 2 of those years she has been at Houston. She left Houston for 2 years to be the principal at Cabool Elementary. Houston is my favorite place to work-"It's great to be a tiger!"

By: Lilly Kincaid and Natalie Clinton

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Student Spotlight

Ashlyn Fabrizio is our spotlight student! She is 10 years old and loves to draw. She used to live in Utah, and now lives on a dairy farm in Houston, Mo. She is a 5th grade student and her favorite subject is math. She loves to eat nachos and also loves to play basketball. Her favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, and her favorite book series is A Series Of Unfortunate Events. She loves the color blue, and her best friends are Elizabeth Ross and Katy Evans. She was born on December 27, 2007, and is so happy to be the spotlight student.

By: Katy Evans and Elizabeth Ross

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Teacher Spotlight

Fifth grade Social Studies teacher, Ms. Anderson is our Spot Light Teacher. To learn more about Anderson, we met up with her and asked her some questions.

Q. What is something you prefer teaching?

A.She wanted to teach upper grade social studies.

Q.How many colleges did you go to ?

A.She went to 2 colleges.

Q.Why didn’t you start teaching earlier?

A.She graduated May.

Q.Do you like Houston Elementary?

A.Yes she does, because the everybody has welcomed her and the teachers are nice.

Q.Was it easy moving to Houston Missouri?

A.Well since it was a move from a small town to small town, it was.

Q.What inspired you to come to Houston Missouri?

A. She liked the community, she liked the school, and she liked the small town feeling.

Welcome Ms. Anderson to HES! We love having you here!

By: Breely Gayer, Jack Sawyer and Cash Koch

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Houston Reds vs. Willow Bears

On Saturday September 29th, the game started out, nerve wracking but we pushed through. We had a bunch of good breakthroughs and good runs. This is the interview with Coach John Sawyer, Mighty Mite Red Team Head Coach :

Q.Why do you coach?

A. Because I like interacting with you guys.

Q. How did you feel about the game?

A. “It was really good, I was really nervous coming in to it but you guys showed up and turned it all around it was great.”

Q. What was the key point to winning the game?

A.Sawyer: You guys, you guys showing up and being in it your spirits is what won the game.

By: Kaleb McGiboney

Houston Black vs Mt.View

Coach Rowdy Douglas and Coach Boomer Wilson led the Houston mighty mites team on October 1st, against the Mt.View mighty mites.First play Houston’s on defense Mt. View got to the second down. Second play Mt. View scored a touchdown. Third play Houston's own offence took it awhile, but they finally got it. There was a Mt. View kid, # 68, as big as the coach and messed everything up. Player #60, Austin Burchett, and #67, Fletcher Wilson, took #68 down for a little while but he just kept coming. Player #68 was throwing kids out the way but their running backs didn’t give up and got a couple touchdowns. After that the game was over and Houston lost 18 to 13.”The boys played very hard against a physical team, they played just as physical as Mt.View but lost,” said Douglas.

By: Austin Burchett

AG Expo Field Trip

The 4th grade attended the Ag Expo at the fairgrounds on Monday October 1. We interviewed a boy named Brennan Malam, from Mrs. Hinkle's 4th grade class. He said ”It was educational," and he would go again. They learned about soil , wood , horses ,meat ,kennels , arrow heads , fire safety, and electricity safety.

By: Shiane Parish and Maggie Wolfe

HES Health Program

Loran Richardson is the person who is doing the healthy schools healthy communities program. The goal is to reduce child obesity by 5 % over 5 years. They installed water bottle filling stations in the Houston elementary. They have before and after school fitness programs and nutrition programs. The healthy schools healthy community program is also about professional development. Teaching adults how to help kids be healthy. Houston schools is one of the most healthiest schools in America. This is the 5th and final year for the health program.

By: Elizabeth Ross and Ashlyn Fabrizio

Tobacco Hornworm

Mrs. Wilson’s class has a Tobacco Hornworm named Grandee. As of now, Grandee is burrowed in the dirt. Hopefully, it will emerge in the spring as a Hawk Moth. They’ve had it for about 2 weeks but it’s about full grown. Tobacco Hornworms eat tomatoes, large quantities of meat, dairy foods and citrus. They live 6-9 years if they are green. If it’s red it lives 2-5 years long on average.

By: Austin Keller and Matthew Sawyer


Each of the homerooms are taking turns producing THE TIGER TIMES. Each issue will be out approximately every two weeks, depending on days missed for holidays and miscellaneous events. Our next anticipated due date is November 2, 2018. Thank you for reading THE TIGER TIMES and for being patient, as we all are in the learning process.