Biggest Blowout!

Heard once in dire times when you need a sign that's when they appear! The Squaaad (6-5) asked for it and now received, a spot in the top 4. Him and Snow (6-5) are neck and neck both with the same record The Squaaad just up by 17 points and it was all because of his Big Blowout with a 53.88 point margin that was must needed. Tough week ahead for both managers but mainly Snow who's going up against the #3 seed HandsBud Rouge who's not looking to move down anytime soon. The Squaad has an unpredictable matchup against the always up and down Hernandez notso TE. The last time these two met The Squaaad had one of his poorest games and Hernandez was able to stay ahead but not by not much, we will see if there's a chance for redemption.
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The Chodes 94.02 Cuatro Nuevers 73.00

This matchup was big for one and microscopic for the other. The Chodes (5-6) coming off a 6 game loosing streak had struck Fantasy Gold! He was able to pan for Raiders RB Rashad Jennings who has a combined score of 57 points in the last 3 weeks. Rashad is still a Raider but could manage to be productive. Cuatro Nuevers (3-8) has a team but it's missing one key player, a QUARTERBACK! Cuatro wouldn't be where he is now if he had a reliable QB in his last couple games. Alex Smith is on a good team but his fantasy production is weak. It's a tough spot and your luck is not helping. Maybe smith should be your guy from here on out.

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Suckamydicka 97.60 Little Giants 83.04

The spirit is alive in this one it is. Suckamydicka (5-6) has won 5 of his last 6 games and is now in the hunt for a playoff spot. There is only 3 weeks left so W's from here on out should help. If The Squaad and Snow lose this week the fumes of week 15 will smell that much stronger. It seems the trade early on last week picking up Seattle defense has been working in your favor giving you the gap you need to stay ahead. Another thing, it looks like Peyton is favoring his WR Demaryious Thomas and his fantasy points are showing for it. This looks good for Sucka because D. Thomas wasn't helping much early in the season. Tough matchup against the #2 seed little Giants (8-3) who doesn't see losses that often. There was some big hits for Little Giants, Forte did what he normally does, Fleener had a positive game and Tampa dominated Falcons offense and brought 16 points to your board. All that was just not enough, close game guys.

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HandsBud Rouge 126.58 Miley Twerkz 87.76

Big Game for HandsBud (7-4) point wise, the matchup was almost a guarantee. Big game for Gordon who put up points later on in the second half and an even bigger game for McCoy who actually had to step out because he was gassing too hard. Each week HandsBud worries which QB to put in and I think it's obvious now considering the matchups, Stafford looks like an Elite the rest of the way and Rivers could help another manager so maybe a trade can be considered. What will HandsBud do next week with his 2 elite Eagles riding the bye, if there was a time to take away a win from HandsBud next week could be it. Snow could cool things down for a fired up Rouge but HandsBuds bench doesn't disappoint much. There is a Cushing at the bottom of the pile,

MileyTwerkz continues to Sleeeeeeeeep

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Dollar&aTeam 91.56 Hernandez notso TE 62.92

I have accomplished what not many can do and that is defeating every manager in this league. It's Clear as the sun in the Sky, if you want to be the Fantasy Champion for the 2013/14 year your going to have to get through me first! Not too many have and when they did I wasn't what I was today. I'll be waiting for you!

Jacobs team is shot we all know that already, NEW ORELANS D! Come On Man!

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