Third Grade Special Info

to keep us sane

Math Tools

These items should have been or will be turned in.

(Please send to Vicki's room because inventory has started!!)

  • all place value tools in plastic cases
  • geo blocks (3D wooden shapes)
  • Geo Model blocks
  • fractional shapes (any type or box or tub)
  • clocks (class sets and large teaching clocks)
  • paper money & coins
  • interlocking cubes (clicks on all sides for connecting)
  • square tiles (flat)
  • wooden cubes (about 1 inch and various colors)
  • balance scales (deluxe and student)
  • weights (customary & metric)
  • attribute sets
  • Magnetic Fractions Boxes
  • plastic pattern blocks
  • playing cards (boxes or bags)
  • rulers (12 inch or meter/yard sticks)

Important Dates for the Team

May 13th: Barry's birthday celebration & after school social at Wagner (3:30-5:30)

May 18th: Brett Maryott comes to talk to classes about FBI & Space

May 19th: Volunteer Luncheon (bring in item for luncheon!), Our PLC for Pinks & Blues, Running Club Ends

May 20th: Field day (1st, 3rd, and 4th in afternoon). Library Books due! Awards Due!

May 23rd: Richard's Baby Shower after school, Painting Party at Heather's afterwards!

May 24th: Economics Fair!! (specials 1:20-2:40)

May 25th: Daxton's Speech 8-9 in library, Math Superstars Party after lunch

May 26th: Flugtag at 10am!, Amy's Retirement Party 3:30-5:30, Grades due by 8am!

May 27th: Final Coffee Cart & VONN'S BIRTHDAY!!!

May 30th: No School!

May 31st: Specials are 8:45-9:35

June 1st: 8:15-9:30 Awards Ceremony, 10:45-12:15 End of Year Party!

June 2nd: Last Day of School

Ongoing Dramas:

  • When is Laura's student talking to classes? May25th 8-9am in library (2 groups of 4)
  • What's the latest on our supply list ordeal? Done. List is finalized.