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Need a great place to relax, Bonaire is the place to be, with its island's resorts and calming beaches you can relax any time you want!

Diving deep!

Fun and excitement under and on the sea!

Want to have some fun in the water? Bonaire has most of the best locations for scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing! Bonaire has many coral reefs to explore and even more to explore deeper under the water. There are many kinds of unique marine life to see that's why this is a very big tourist attraction.

Fabuolous Foods

There are over 70 different cultures on this island so there are over 70 different types of food. The foods range from Mexican from Italian to Chinese. From spicy to sweet with all of the different resurants I am most positive you will find something you can't step away from.
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Geography, Location, and Climate

Bonaire is located 30 miles from Curasao;50 miles north of Venezuela and 86 miles east of Aruba and is outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt. Bonaire's geography is very rocky, has a lot of sand,and has many hills. The yearly average temperature is 82 degrees F; water temperature of 80 degrees F; rainfall of 22 inches; humidity of 76% and sunny year round.

Major Cities and Landmarks

Many major cities are all through Bonaire but the three I like most are Kralendijk, Antriol,and Rincon. Kralendijk and Rincon both have beautiful beaches. Antriol has many many palm trees. Some but not all landmarks are The Bonaire Marine Park, Jibe city, and Bari Reef. All of these places are very beautiful places and great activities for the family.
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Culture, Languages, and transportation

Bonaire's culture includes many songs and dances obviously their culture is very happy, furthermore this culture has very many different beliefs and food. The language for this island is hard to find because there are so many such as Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish, English, and etc. There are many ways to come see this island you can hop on a boat, plane,and train. So have a wonderful and relaxing trip.

By Shelby parrott

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