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Digital Funerals for Families, Friends, and our loved ones

Funerals to be live streamed online as undertakers move their services into digital age

Funeral homes are now streaming services online so that mourners who are unable to attend can observe from afar.

Soldiers, ex-pats and long-lost friends are among those the service most benefits, say experts, with more people tuning in from overseas to bid farewell to their loved ones.

In some cases, funeral directors will make footage of the service available for 30 days by uploading it to their website.

Learning and Choosing

Learning and Choosing

Since planning a funeral or memorial services usually involves time constraints, the first key factor is the make sure your family, friends, and loved ones work together to research and learn about the wide variety of the top memorial planning options available today.

Given today’s large and growing list of funeral resources, many families find this to be the most time consuming and overwhelming part of the funeral planning process. This can be especially true given the advent of the Internet and explosive growth in new funeral memorial technology tools, offering families and loved ones the opportunity to create new ways for funeral services, burial ceremonies, cremation ideas, as well as adding to memorial services. Read more:
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We are a nation of communities… a brilliant diversity spread like stars,

The strength of communities lies in our ability to work together and support one another, especially when our friends and neighbors face challenges. Losing a loved one is a challenge that all families and communities must inevitably face.

Here at Eternal Rest, we celebrate the diversity of our community. This is why we offer a wide variety of options to meet the special religious and cultural traditions of families.

Our dedicated staff is happy to assist families from all faiths and cultures with their end of life ceremonial and memorial needs.

Funeral traditions vary for many reasons. One factor to be considered when planning a funeral in Knoxville is the set of regional and cultural traditions that are popular in our area. Often families move to Knoxville from other parts of the country or even from around the world.

1.In the large majority of situations, most do not preplan funeral arrangements in advance of your loved one’s death causing much stress on surviving family members.
2.Critical decisions need to be made, and usually in a timely manner.
3.There are usually many funeral planning options to consider, and the funeral costs can add up to significantly more than previously anticipated
4.When struggling to coping with loss, making the most efficient and rational decisions is not always an easy task.
5.There are often family members who are emotionally incapable of making many of key decisions given such an emotional and challenging situation.
6.There may be family members who prefer to take control of these details, even though they may not be the appropriate person in many situations.

A typical funeral in the U.S. costs

Average Cost Breakdown:


Funeral Director's Basic Services Fee

Embalming and Body Preperation

Funeral Ceremony and Viewing

(hearse, death certificates, obituary, etc.)

Grave Space and Cost to Dig Grave


A casket that sells for $1295 at a funeral home will typically wholesale for about $325.

The average rental rate for a hardwood casket for a day long viewing is $1000.

Sealed caskets cost hundreds of dollars more than unsealed caskets, but only cost a minimal amount more to manufacture.