History of Brandon Jimenez

About me

My name is Brandon Jimenez and I'm a JUNIOR this year; and throughout my high school career, things starting to getting interesting in my life. With all the Pre-AP classes, band, soccer, and cross country I have, it is kind of chaotic because I like it.

my crazy family

I have a family of 5. Their is my dad, Sergio, my mom, Maricela, my oldest sister, Laura, my second oldest, and my favorite sister, Grecia, and the youngest of them all, me.

the best memory

The best memory is when I when the France, Italy, and Spain for spring break (last school year).

Favorite animal

I do have a dog and Miranda (my dog) is favorite dog ever. So, my favorite pet is a dog as you can see.

my favorite hobbies

My favorite thing to do is the run a lot, play soccer, and play on my clarinet for my fun time.