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Things to do while you wait!

Things To Do While You Wait For Your Origami Owl Invite

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming an Origami Owl designer! I am so excited that you will be joining my team. I encourage you to use the wait period to prepare for your new venture. Many people like to go out and buy some display pieces slowly so that the cost doesn't hit you all at once.

Be careful though - a simpler display will help to highlight the jewelry, which should be the focus of your display. You don't need to buy a ton of owls and other display pieces. The important things are a table cloth and a couple of jewelry busts to display necklaces. Our corporate office (aka the "Nest") encourages the use of aqua, white, and linen for table displays as those are our signature colors. Many designers start off with the aqua table cloth from Party City that costs just $9.99. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a very professional display!

Shopping for display pieces can be fun, but there are other ways to prepare that are equally, or even more, important. Please read through the suggestions below and as always, if you have any questions, please let me know! I am here to help YOU succeed.

■Purchase a locket and wear it DAILY!!! {Contact me for a special DIW discount on your own personal locket - only for DIW's that will definitely be signing up when your number is called. This may be the number one thing you can do to drum up interest before you're active}
■Carry a notebook to keep track of those who express interest in making a purchase or hosting a party.
■Ensure that you have the funds available to purchase your starter kit. Once you receive the invite, you will have a few days to join. {Contact me if there is any reason you cannot sign up when you receive the invite!}
■At minimum, you’ll want enough for the $149 Basic Starter Kit, plus shipping and tax.
■NOTE: Shipping and tax are added to the price of each starter kit. Shipping and tax are both calculated based on the retail value of the items included in the kit. Tax is based on the tax rate associated with your zip code.

■Consider creating a dedicated email address for your business
■Consider a dedicated phone number for your business. Google Voice offers a free phone number that can be directed to your cell phone, home phone or any number. It has voicemail, text, SMS and more. To sign up, visit {This is what I personally use for my business phone line; I keep my personal cell phone separate so that I never have to give my cell # out to customers - I give them my Google Voice number and that forwards directly to my cell}
■Update your contact list so that you can be ready to send emails/make calls to share your new business once you're active
■It is easy to make a list of 40 people in 4 minutes. FRANKS is the answer. Friends-Relatives-Acquaintances-Neighbors-Kids-(people who you know through your children)-{Significant others' friends/wives/contacts}

■Purchase a calendar and block off times and dates when you will not be available to host parties. This will give you a clear idea of your availability.
■Consider potential dates for your own launch party or open house

■Ask your sponsoring mentor for a catalog to show to your friends, family, neighbors while you wait.
■Host a catalog party with your Mentor.... Use the Hostess Rewards to build your personal collection.... {You are welcome to host a home or catalog party under me to build your stock with host rewards}
■Locate and/or purchase office supplies (pens, paper clips, folders, calculator, envelopes, stamps, etc)
■Create a dedicated space in your home for your business supplies, inventory and display items
■Share the Origami Owl career opportunity with others while you wait. You can start your own wait list!!! Get your friends to add themselves to the wait list and ask them to send you their wait list #.. Once you enroll as a designer, you will give them YOUR designer ID and they will enroll under you and will be on your team.
■To add people to the wait list have them visit and click join. They will enter YOUR DIW confirmation number and your name as the designer in waiting who referred them. Once they join, ask them to send you their confirmation email so that you have their number. Email me with your new DIWs' information.

■Open a separate checking account for your business. You should be able to open a standard personal account that is used for your business. You can even open one with a rewards program that gives points for just about every transaction that is made including debit card purchases, deposits, ATM withdrawals and more. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise and travel rewards such as hotels, airfare and rental cars.

■I highly recommend a separate email address and bank account for your new business.
■Research companies to use for credit card readers - this is a great tool for collecting credit card payments at home parties or events (I use Paypal, the card reader is free, they charge 2.7% per swipe, but you get 1% cash back if you apply for the free debit card and use it to make all your order and business purchases - there are other card reader companies like Square, Intuit, ProPay, etc).

This list was originally compiled by Director Carla New and has been updated by Yesenia Hidalgo for my team

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Good things come to those who wait!

What you have to look forward to!

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