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Dear Stoneleigh Elementary Families,

As we enter into the last half of October and come closer to the end of the first marking period we want to recognize that our students and families are under a tremendous amount of stress on multiple fronts. This stress has begun to show itself in negative ways which we need your help in turning around to refocus on respect, trust, responsibility, and safety.

We have been talking to the students about respect and appreciate you following up at home regarding how students speak to their teachers and other adults in the school building. In addition, respecting the school building to keep it safe, clean, and free of graffiti.

The school is able to provide water coolers allowing students to get a quick drink or fill up the water bottle brought from home. Unsafe situations are happening when students open the spout of the water cooler purposely pouring water onto the floor, into trash cans placed close for easy disposal of provided cups, and into the container which supplies cups causing all cups to be wet and unusable by any other student. Additionally, students are vandalizing the school bathrooms removing soap dispensers, pulling the hot and cold faucet handles off the sinks leaving them unusable, and engaging in behaviors resulting in stall doors breaking. In the cafeteria, adults have entervened for a variety of behaviors which we know parents would not accept at home. While every situation has been dealt with by the school administration we hope that through family support at home discussing the expectation of positive and appropriate behaviors at school all incidents will discontinue.

Teachers continue to actively engage students in Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is a trauma informed social emotional learning program that teaches students about self-control and self regulation to develop strategies to understand emotions and how to regulate emotions when triggered by different situations and experiences. Supporting these lessons by encouraging students to be kind to one another and not make assumptions as to why something occurred is appreciated. The Baltimore County Public School Character Education which aligns with Conscious Discipline is attached below.

I am asking that everyone, students, staff, parents, guardians, community members, allow generous assumptions about the teachers and staff as well as parent volunteers who work hard to make Stoneleigh Elementary a great school. Each of these groups has shared situations which cause great concern about how they have been treated by students and adults. Adults at Stoneleigh Elementary, like everyone else in the world, are fallible, and when a mistake is made, they work hard to correct it. While we are not perfect, we are hardworking, dedicated, caring individuals who want the best for each and every student we have the privilege of working with, daily.

From a safety point it is important that students arrive at school with their masks. Those who ride a school bus must wear their mask correctly (placing over nose and mouth) the entire time they are on the school bus. Students who walk to school must place their mask on correctly before entering the school building. As a general reminder masks are appropriately warn over the nose and mouth. Students only unmask to quickly eat lunch and immediately remask upon finishing their meal. Please make sure that your child has at least 1 mask each day. We provide masks if they become soiled or damaged. Please see the attachement below titled Keep BCPS Healthy for reminders as to how we can all work to stay healthy.

The administration is looking for someone who is able to restore photographs. If you know of someone who has this expertise please contact Ms. Hollenbeck. In addition, we are looking for someone who is able to refurbish furniture. If you know of someone who is able to work on older pieces please contact Ms. Hollenbeck. Contact can be through email or phone call at 443-809-3600.

Wishing everyone well.

Ms. Hollenbeck

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Pets on School Grounds

In keeping with our ongoing effort to assure safety for our students, we are requesting that no pets be brought into the school building or onto school property during the hours of 8:30am and 3:45 pm. Stoneleigh students are allergic to animals and/or have a fear of dogs. Some students have had the unfortunate experience of being bitten and suffer from the traumatic experience. We recognize that many families enjoy bringing their family pet on the walk to and from school, so we ask those families to remain on Pemberton Road with the family pet to say goodbye.
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Kiss and Go

Students who are transported by parents should not arrive before 8:30 a.m. Teachers are not “on duty” prior to this time. Students should be dropped off at the “Kiss and Go” location within the parking lot using the entrance at the corner of Pemberton and Copeleigh Roads. Drop off can occur between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. Students may be dropped off along the sidewalk which starts after the black fencing. School personnel will be there to receive students and allow you the opportunity to “kiss (your child) and go”. Students do not need to wait for a staff member to open the car door to exit the vehicle.

Please Note: The decorative brick wall that borders Stoneleigh School grounds and 7105 Rich Hill Road is not meant to be load bearing. The school is requesting that students do not jump over the wall or lean on it during arrival and dismissal. It is our goal to keep all students safe and to protect the private property of Stoneleigh’s neighbors

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Active Assailant Protocol: What Parents Need to Know

The Safe Schools Act of 2018 requires school systems in Maryland to conduct active assailant drills. An active assailant is someone who enters or approaches a building with the intent of doing harm to others. In many cases, an active assailant is an active shooter but could also use other means to inflict harm. During the fall of 2018, Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) in partnership with the Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) introduced a new response to an active assailant, following two years of planning.

You may ask, "Why Change?"

Case studies of several active shooter incidents such as Columbine High School, Virginia Tech University, and Sandy Hook Elementary School have shown that using a lockdown response only resulted in an increase in casualties. Giving individuals options is recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, Maryland State Police, Maryland Center for School Safety, and the BCoPD.

Families of 5th Grade Students

5th Grade Yearbook Cover Contest

Entries due by Friday, October 22, 2021

We are inviting all 5th grade students to enter their artwork in our yearbook cover contest. Winning designs will be selected in a vote to be displayed on the front and back covers.

See the attachment below titled Yearbook Cover Contest for specific details

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15 (F) Schools Closed for Students – MSEA Convention


5 (F) Schools Close 3 Hours Early for Students – Grade Reporting & Data Analysis

15 (M) Make-up Fall Portraits w/Strawbridge Studios

15 – 19 (M – F) American Education Week - If, at the time, COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols allow, Stoneleigh will invite grade level visitors as scheduled below:

  • 15 (M) Grade 2 @ 9:15 – 11:15 am
  • 16 (T) Grade K & 5 @ 9:15 – 11:15 am
  • 17 (W) Grade 3 @ 9:15 – 11:15 am
  • 18 (R) Grade 4 @ 9:15 – 11:15 am
  • 19 (F) Grade 1 @ 9:15 – 11:15 am

22 (M) Report Cards Distributed

24 (W) Elementary Conference Day – Schools Closed for Elementary Students

25-26 (R-F) Thanksgiving Holiday – Schools Closed

Completing the Elementary Annual Student Info Review Form

Sharing Information New to the Focus Parent Page

BCPS has broken apart the contacts which are permitted to pick-up from those identified for emergency contacts as well as identifying those permitted during early dismissals.

Directions: Verify and/or enter the contact information for the parent/guardian and additional contacts for the student.

Pick Up - All contacts marked for 'pick-up' will be considered as individuals to whom the student can be released from school. All early dismissals must be approved by a parent/guardian in writing.

Emergency - All contacts marked for 'emergency' will be considered as individuals that can be contacted in the event of an emergency. These individuals may be contacted in the case of an incident or serious illness where parents/guardians cannot be reached. If a parent/guardian or additional contact cannot be reached in a medical emergency, school staff will contact the child’s physician/dentist listed on the health form.

School staff may also make necessary arrangements, including calling an ambulance and transporting your student to the hospital.

Free Flu Vaccinations

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