AIMing for the U.K.

Brier Scott

March & April

NewLife Church, Glasgow

March and April have been very busy as there have been several of events within these months!

During march, the UK celebrated their national Mother's Day and for the special occasion the HBC students hosted a tea party for all of the mums at the church. Also, "On That Note" music conference was held at NewLife and there were several who traveled from England and surrounding areas in Scotland to teach and be a part of the conference!

In April, we had a great turn out for Easter Sunday and the presence of the Lord was there and moving throughout all of it. The HBC student's were in charge of leading the service, and by the help of the Lord, we got through it! Many hours of preparation time and work was put into Easter Sunday Service, but it was all worth it to see lives being touched because of how the Lord used the efforts of the HBC students and all who helped that day.

Spring Break

Many memorable things happened during my Spring break this year! I had the chance to be a tourist and visit a few cities In Scotland with dear friends as well as attending District Conference which was held here at NewLife. There were many tremendous men and woman of God who attended which included UK pastors, ministers, and missionaries! Bro. and Sis. Shalm were the guest speakers for the conference and NewLife's sunday service. God had His way during the services and alar calls as He poured out His spirit in a powerful way. My life, along with many others, was touched, encouraged, and strengthened during these services. The Lord is SO good!

The annual regional prayer trip to Budapest, Hungary also happened during the time of my spring break and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this life changing event! HBC students, NewLife members, and individuals from other churches attended this trip and prayed under, over, in, and through the city of Budapest. Many, many people have been praying for this Eastern European city as it's been a prayer focus especially knowing that it was the location of the prayer trip. Getting the chance to physically be in the city that has been a prayer focus for you for months is so eye-openeing and brings a completely new meaning to all of the prayers that you have spoken to the Lord. Walking through the streets and alleyways, seeing the faces of the Hungarians who need salvation, and passing by all of buildings realizing that "behind every window is a soul" completely fueled the fire inside my heart for missions and to spread this saving Gospel that I am so fortunate to know to the entire world the best that I can. There truly is no time to waste in these days that we are living in... Laborers are desperately needed. It was an honor to be a part of this prayer trip lead by some pretty incredible missionaries which included Bro. and Sis. Patterson (missionaries to Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary), Bro. and Sis. Tir (missionaries to Slovakia, Chezch Republic, and Serbia), Bro. Daniel Patterson (AIMer to Romania), Bro. Craft (missionary/evangelist to Europe), Bro. and Sis Tuttle (regional director of Europe and the Middle East), and NewLife's very own Bro. and Sis. Kelley (missionaries to Scotland). What a blessing it was to be a part of the mission's work that is happening in Eastern Europe! One of the highlights of the prayer trip was getting to visit the church the Patterson's have started in Budapest. There was 45+ of us packed into the small church which 11 of that number were visitors!

Remember in prayer Eastern Europe and the missionaries laboring and serving in this part of the world! There is so much work to be done there (and worldwide), so every prayer is needed.

Lord willing, I am looking forward to attending next year's annual regional prayer trip where it will be held in the Ukraine!

Harvest Bible College

As mentioned above, the HBC students were involved in helping/hosting events at NewLife during the month of March and April. Mothers day, Easter Sunday, etc..

A unique event happened specifically at HBC which was "opening-day" where prospective students had the chance to come to HBC for the weekend and have the chance to see what life and classes are like at the college. Us HBC students and prospective students had a wonderful time getting to know our guests and share a little bit about why we chose to attend Harvest Bible College.

We had a variety of guest teachers during March and April which included Bro. and Sis. Weisser (U.S. evangelist), Bro. Cooney (missionary to Ireland), Bro. Ellis (pastor in the U.K.), and others as well.

2 more months left until graduation... WOW! Time sure does fly.

Ministry trip to Gilford, Northern Ireland

During the last weekend of April, myself and two other HBC students had the opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland to help out and be a part of the Portuguese revival services that were held in Gilford and put on by Missionaries to Ireland, Bro. and Sis. Cooney. We were involved in evangelism and outreach in a couple communities nearby and lead worship for the services. My dear friend, fellow HBC student, and fellow AIMer, Jeanette Sanchez, did a great job translating and leading songs in Portuguese for the services! The presence of God definitely moved during Saturday and Sunday services and I am so happy to say there were several of visitors in attendance and three were baptized on Sunday! God's hand is on Northern Ireland and what a privilege it is to get to be a part of the revival in this part of the world!

Contact, follow, and support!

Thank you SO, so much to those who are supporting me in prayer and have financially contributed to my ministry here in the U.K.

Below are a few links where you can contact me and keep updated on what is going on in my life. If you feel led to donate towards my ministry as a missionary to the U.K., feel free to e-mail me! Any kind of support is appreciated immensely.

Again, thank you!