Baylor University

Principles of Health Science College Project

Background Information

Baylor University is located in Waco, Texas United States of America.

The University was founded by James Huckins, and William Milton Tryon, who in 1841 organized an education society in the Texas Union Baptist Association with the purpose of establishing a Baptist university in Texas. Baylor was chartered by the Republic of Texas on February 1, 1845, and was opened in 1846 at Independence.

Affiliation Information

This school is private.

As a Christian Baptist college it is affiliated with organizations such as SURA, Baptist General, Convention of Texas, SACS, NAICU, and ASAIHC

Student Population

Currently there are around 16,787 students enrolled at Baylor. There are 42% males students accounting around 7386 and 58% females students equaling around 9401.

Finances and Cost

Out of state tuition and In state tuition both would cost around $34,480 for a year.

Scholarship categories to assist in payment include Baptist, committee, department, and outside scholarships.

A student's room would cost $6500 and board would cost $4200 for 9 months.

The most favored dorm on campus is Kokernot Hall. It allows a single room with a private bathroom which is ideal for privacy.

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Student Activities

A large variety of indoor and outdoor sports are available to join and spectate. There is also a mass of Greek Life opportunities to ensure a favorable undergraduate experience. There is also a HOSA program offered for medical majors which boosts experience in many fields.
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Healthcare Majors

Healthcare majors provided at Baylor University include but are not limited to environmental health, lab science, athletic training, exercise physiology, biomedical engineering, child life specialists, and more.

Pre Pharmacy Program

Most interesting is the pre pharmacy program. It is designed for students who desire to attend pharmacy school upon undergraduate completion. A major can be acquired in either science or non science disciplines.
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Pharmacy Information

There is a secondary application required to be accepted into the pre pharmacy program at Baylor. To be considered for the program your sciences such as biology and chemistry are required every semester. Also you must have a higher GPA around 3.5. Testing scores such as PCAT and list of extracurricular activities are needed.
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Pharmacy Career

Applicants are accepted are very limited because there are limited access and high amounts of competition. Only under 50% of applicants are accepted. Students are accepted yearly. The medical majors are located on the main campus. Sciences such as chemistry and biology are required in this field of careers. A bachelors degree is awarded upon completion. Additional pharmaceutical school time is required to be accepted for higher job positions. Many pharmacy schools are recommended by Baylor after completion.
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Admission Requirements

To begin applying for this school you must first acquire a SAT score around 1140-1310 or an ACT score around 24-30. You have to maintain an average of about 3.4. You have to apply with rank and grade information. You must also take a college preparatory class. Also you must apply for the whole year with a resume and transcript. Applications are due around November and must be accepted by a semester. A class rank above 25% and a recommendation are also important.
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Personal Reflection.

This college interests me because of its appraised medical field. Its variety of majors allow a choice in careers for the future. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate between. Dorms are nice and are kept up with. Also student activities such as clubs makes integrating into the community easier. The city of Waco is very nice and is a nice setting that I can learn to see as a home for me and any future companions.
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Personal Reflection

Obstacles I could foresee include GPA and courses required to proceed on the medical field. Biology and Chemistry are vital to be accepted in many medical fields but this could prove a problem for someone like me. Biology and Chemistry are not my strong suits so maintaining the 3.5 GPA can be a challenge. I would of course try my best to overcome this. Studying and practice will have to be worked on.
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Personal Reflection

While doing this project I became extremely interested in attending this school. I know that if I work hard and continue down the path I have set myself on I could be able to apply for this school and succeed. My grades and aspirations for the future have put me in a position to succeed into their programs. I will work hard to achieve a spot in a school of this caliber to secure a path in a career that I desire. I will contemplate college more now in the near future.