Grandma Easter

Oral History Project

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How my grandmother's meet

My grandma's parents meet at a party. My great grandmother moved to Kansas and meet my great grandfather.

When and where my grandmother was born

My grandmother was born in McDonald county. My grandmother was born on January 22 of 1947.

story associated with my grandmothers birth

My great grandmother had a tumor when my grandmother was only 6 moths old, and she had to have surgery.

Responsability's at home

My grandmother helped with house hold chores and helped with milking cows.

Celebrating Holidays, Bithdays, Special Events, And Family Memories

My great grandmother baked a cake for birthdays. On Thanksgiving and on Christmas my grandmother and grandfather went to my great grandmothers house when they got older and were married.

My grandmothers favorite holiday memory is when everyone would come to the house, played outside, and looked forward to her sister and her family.

Homemade foods My grandmother liked as a kid

MY grandmother liked homemade hot rolls, and homemade noodles.

Games enjoyed as a child

My grandmother played hop scotch, and Anne over the roof, and leap frog.

Anne over the roof is when one person throws a ball over the house and the other person has to try to catch it on the other side of the house.

Music enjoyed growing up

My grandmother enjoyed listening to country music growing up.

Medicine taken when sick

My grandmother took Benadryl, and Tylenol when ever she got sick.

How my grandmother and grandfather meet

My grandmother and grandfather went to school together for 12 years. My grandfather went into the army and when he came back he asked my grandmother if he would date her and she said yes. Then my grandfather went to the Vietnam war. When he came back from the war he asked my grandmother if she would marry him and she said yes.

Thoughts when first child was born

My grandmother was scared, but at the same time she was very happy when my aunt Kim was born.

Accidents, fire, flood, etc.

My grandmother was hit by a motorcycle when she was in her car with one of her sons. Also, My grandmother's house caught on fire and burned part of her house.

Accievements in life

My grandmother worked as a cafeteria lady for 20 years. Also, she proud that she raised her family well, and is very proud of her grandkids.

Advise from elders

My grandmother learned that it is very important to be very honest, and always be a loving person.

Family in the war, and storys they shared

My grandmother had Aunts and Uncles who served in Pearl Harbor, and my grandfather was also in the army, Germany, Vietnam war.

The story's they shared were very sad because of the men that lost there life's. It was also very hard for them because they had to be away from home for a long time.