A Christmas Carol

Coming to a theater near you!

A Christmas Carol

The theater adaptation of the Christmas Carol is a must see play!

You may be asking why you, yourself should see this play, here's why!

Firstly, this play has stunning actors that portray the original characters. My personal favorite was the actor who played Marley in his first appearance as a ghost.

Secondly, the set is gorgeous! The props the production team sets up are very detailed. From Scrooge's house , to the outlining buildings, to even the snow, the team shows they put a lot of effort into the set and its majesty.

Finally, this play has very active dance numbers. Each dance has a positive, upbeat tune to go along with brilliant choreography. The actors even seem like they're having fun!

Overall, the play is fantastic. With its amazing actors, dazzling set, and lively dances, this drama will please all!

Scrooge's sacrifice

In order to fend off the 3 spirits and stop a terrible fate from coming true, Scrooge sacrifices his negativity and some of his riches to help others.

My Sacrifice

Honestly, I haven't really sacrificed anything! Well, anything I remember at least.