Jurassic Era

By: Kassie Johnson and Brianna Brandt

Jurassic Era beginning

This era began about 199.6 million years ago. There was a minor mass extinction towards the end of this era which included shallow water species. This was caused by methane gas that was released into the atmosphere. In this era, you would see crumbling landmasses and inland seas.

What you would see

You would see dinosaurs, birds, rodents that would be on the land. In the water, you would see sea monsters, sharks, and blood-red plankton. In the forests, you would see ferns, cycads, and conifers. Besides these animals and plants, you would feel a warm, moist tropical breeze. You would also see the Archaeopteryx, the earliest known bird.

What you would do

There are many things you could do here during the Jurassic Era. These things include riding the T-rex, finding fossils and ancient creatures. You also can go diving in the deep blue water with sea monsters, sharks, and blood-red plankton! Lastly, you could help hatch baby dinosaurs by using your hand warmth to hatch it.


To survive this time period, you would need a few protective measures so you wouldn't die! These measures could include guns and whips. You would maybe need to whip the dinosaurs away if they are trying to bite off your head. A gun could be used to kill anything, especially the Archaeopteryx, that could fly or take you away.

Things to eat

There are many wonderful and delicious foods you can eat here! You can have a cycad salad, with a dinosaur dressing. You could also have fried fern chips with blood red plankton dipping sauce. Our complementary breakfast is dinosaur eggs.