history about the us president's

the president is born

why the presidents had trouble

The president of the united states

the president of the united stats was a man named goerge washington when he was put in the offce he took an oath to become the president.

trouble with the army

one of the troubls with the us army is that the army had no money to keep it up and going.In France the french people were rebeled against there king.

A Policy is born

when they found out that the nation was surrounded by non safe power.He promoted the nutrality policy.

Trouble in france

In france the french leaders hoped that that britain would have refused to leave Ohio Vally to war between britain and the U.S.

John Adims comes to help

john adims was a man thatbecame the second preident he sent people over to france to work for peace. The reason why he did that is to work to get our american ships back from them they have captured half of the american ships for peace.

A new goverment

In 1800 they moved the nations capital so it was also a victory for the knew system of goverment.

american ships missing

when france and britain were fighting they seized american ships they seized about half of them and and they made a deal with the us we will cease fire and return ur ships if u stop trading with the enemy

The Amendments

In 1804 the twelfth Amendment it is These electors will give all of their votes to the Presidential candidate that wins the popular vote in each state.

congress rebealed

Congress repealed the unpopular Embargo Act in 1809 that the American ships be

returned to the seas and French and British warships continued to attack them.In 1811 they decided to go to war with great britain.


By:Houston Clark