An interview with Mrs. Shamp

By Cassy French

Education and Classroom Background

Allyson Shamp attended the University of Houston and received her undergraduate degree in Marketing. She also has 18 to 20 hours of her Masters & Exercise physiology. She now works at Birdville High School and teaches 9th grade Biology.

For Mrs. Shamp, her weekly hours on average on how much she works is 40 to 50 hours. she tries to take care of most of her work at school, for her around the start of school she has a lot she has to take home. She likes to put all of her self-motivation forward while working. Her biggest reward she gets from teaching is helping her students, and watching them succeed. Her biggest challenge is classroom management.

In class she uses lots of different strategies to help her class function. she uses lots of visual hands on activities, like using her overhead/projector to teach lessons or drawing a picture on the board. she also likes to use classroom discussions and group work to help her students.

Classroom Environment

  • Her classroom is calm
  • Very quiet
  • Interactive
  • Organized
  • She uses a hand signal to silence class
  • Uses group work
  • Has overhead while teaching