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Student Profile

We sure appreciate those of you that have taken the time to complete the survey below. We know that everyone is busy. If you haven't had a chance yet, please take a few minutes to tell us more about your child by filling out the survey below. This gives us a more complete picture of your child as a learner.

Back to School Night

Back to School Night is Tuesday the 20th. From 5:45-6:00 please meet in the gym for a presentation from the principal and new assistant principal. Fourth grade classrooms will be open from 6:05-6:35.

Math/Science - Mrs. Younce

Math - This week we have been slowly trudging through math. We have been working to compare and round numbers. Check in with your student, see how they are doing at rounding numbers to the nearest hundred, thousand, etc.

Science - We did our first experiment this week using celery and food coloring to explore the vascular system of a plant. Check out some of the pictures below!

Reading/Writing - Mrs. Johnson

Reading: We are continuing to record our thinking as we read silently, focusing on asking questions, making connections, and making predictions. We have also been working on reading stamina – focusing on the task for longer periods of time and sticking with a book long enough to make an educated decision about whether or not to abandon it. This week we started working through our first Storyworks magazine focusing on a realistic fiction narrative.

Writing: We have now begun our narrative writing unit which builds on the students’ work in third grade with personal narratives and fairy tales. They have started a pre-assessment which will be finished by the end of this week. Then they will begin planning their realistic fiction narrative next week.

Parent Helpers and an Art Docent

Mrs. Johnson's class is still in need of an art docent. If you are interested in teaching art once a month, please contact Mrs. Johnson.

We are going to try a new parent helper system. We would like to compile a list of interested volunteers that we can contact when a project or need arises. If you are interested in helping with projects at school or from home you can contact Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Younce or sign up at Back to School night.

Home- School Connections

Each week we will include information that should help you stay connected and support your child as a learner. This could range from helpful websites, programs or articles that we want to share.

This year the state of Washington and the school district are placing extra emphasis on the importance of regular attendance. Did you know that Washington state has the second-highest rate of absenteeism in the nation? Unfortunately, 16.3 percent of Tahoma students were chronically absent (missing 18 days or more) last year. To take a look at neighboring districts: Issaquah was at 5.88 percent; Bellevue was at 7.47 percent. When students are not in school, they miss important learning opportunities that can't be made up by simply trying to catch up on assignments. This means that students can still fall behind by missing just a day or two every few weeks.

The policy at Lake Wilderness is if a student is absent they can collect their missed work once they return to school. Teachers are discouraged from providing packets of work in advance of an absence.

Calendar of Events

9/19-9/23 - Book Fair

9/20 - Back to School Night

10/4 - (7:00 PM) PTSA General Membership Meeting

10/6 - PRRR Reading Logs due

10/8 - Lifting Literacy & Book Swap event

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