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August 19, 2019

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You are awesome! We had a very successful first week back to school and it's all because of you. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into prepping this first week - it showed! I am so proud of each of you and your success this week. We are all at different points in our educational journey and every one of us is moving forward in a positive direction.

Speaking of positive - I felt an atmosphere of positivity and excitement this week. Thank you for helping each other and seeing the best in our students.

Have a great second, full-week back and please let Lana or myself or any of the support staff team know if you need anything,


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Family Luncheon

Thank you all for inviting your families to this back to school luncheon. As I stated in my email Friday, this is an opportunity for our families to meet you all and get to know and appreciate all of our staff members, especially our new staff. I will send you team-building game ideas a little bit later, so you don't have to worry about planning those.

I appreciate your cooperation and support for this event; I know you did not have much notice. Thank you for helping increase our student enrollment.

Staffing Update

As you may know, Ms. Amanda (junior high math teacher), is no longer with MMA. I found out about this Sunday before students started back. The junior high math position was offered to a person Sunday evening and we have yet to hear back if they are 100% in.

We had a sub in the junior high this past week teaching math. Ms. Shanan has volunteered to cover these math classes now for the near future because we want this class to get started on the right foot and instill confidence with our students and parents that our academics are solid in the junior high. Thank you, Shanan! We have secured a long-term sub to teach PE/Health for Ms. Shanan during this time. We will continue to update you all as we update/confirm these plans moving forward.

We do still have a few teaching assistant positions open. Please tell anyone interested in this position that they just need to email Lana and René their resume to apply.

Fire Drill Thursday

Our first fire drill has been moved back two days to accommodate early childhood's request that the drill not be in pre-k and kinder's second day at school. Please review with students what they should do in a fire drill. Refer to the Emergency Guide below for directions and ask the office staff if you have any questions.

There was a clarification about teachers checking the bathroom on their way out of the building for any kind of an evacuation. This point was not previously in the Emergency Guide procedures; but, the guide is not updated to reflect this procedure. Teachers closest to a bathroom need to check the bathroom and scoop up any children in there and take them out with their class in the case of an evacuation.

When you get in the parking lot, your class should sit down in one of the parking stalls and remain quiet throughout the entire drill. When you have taken roll and confirmed your children are present, please step forward and hold up your clipboard to indicate to me that all is well with your class. The drill cannot stop until I have confirmation from every teacher.

Lesson Plans / Schedules

Part of the teacher responsibilities is to email your weekly lesson plans or schedule to by 5pm each Sunday or the day before the school week starts (in case we're off on a Monday). Junior high can expect to receive specific feedback from René, UE from Nicoletta, LE and EC from Lana. Thank you for your work!

Extra Furniture / Sheds

If you have extra furniture or other items that you do not want in your classroom, please ask the office staff, Lana, or myself about where to put it. We do not want anyone putting furniture or other items in the outside sheds. Students cannot be in the shed because there is a lot of furniture in there currently and it is stacked precariously. We do not want anyone getting hurt.

Back to School Documents

We are missing several signed collective commitment forms from teachers. Please get this to René's mailbox in the workroom this week. Also, we see pets in your classrooms and only have a few forms for these. Please also get me the classroom pet form to my box.
Employee Information Form

Click here to complete this form digitally. Due no later than Tuesday, August 6th, 2019.