canadian nursing sisters


More than 3,000 nurses served in World War I. Have you ever wonder what the nurses do in their spare time? The nurses knitted socks, sweaters and scarves for the soldiers that were fighting overseas. Usually most of the nurses would have tea and talk with other soldiers. Some even wrote letters to there friends and family about war and how it was going.

Who are the nuses

The nurses were nicknamed "Blue Birds". Most soldiers and nurses were in the age range of 21 to 38. The average was 21 and most of them where single. All through the ware there was never a shortage of candidates. These nurses that were willing to go overseas had a kind heart for the soldiers.

In the war there were all different types of nurses. A nurse is someone who treats the soldiers who are suffering from various medical conditions. There were also licensed practical nurses, who cared for the soldiers that were injured. They also did a variety of tasks under the supervision of a registered nurse. A different nurse is a psychiatric nurse who gives information and counselling to soldiers. The last type of nurse is a practitioner who is specialized in providing clinical care. They provided better care for the soldiers. During the war, all the nurses wore blue dresses with white veils.