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April 11, 2022

ExCITE! 2022 is currently at full capacity, but you can still register and be put on a waitlist in case any spots become available. Read on to see why it filled so quickly and how you can get on the waitlist!

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ExCITE! 2022: Information Literacy

ExCITE! is an annual professional development opportunity (2 credit course) for all types of educators including librarians, teachers, specialists, para-professionals, administrators, and coordinators.

Each year, a different theme is selected for the course. This year’s ExCITE! theme is Information Literacy, which is the second strand of the SD School Library Standards. We’ll focus on the research process from start to finish with units on exploring and engaging with the library, questioning strategies, curating and engaging with resources, sharing learning, and reflecting on the research process.


June 27-July 29


All South Dakota educators and South Dakota library staff are welcome!

*Limited to 30 participants.


On-line via Google Classroom (students must have a Google account)


ExCITE! is a two credit course with credits offered through USF. It can be taken at either the undergraduate or the graduate level. Tuition costs are covered via a scholarship through the SD State Library. Readings, viewings, activities, projects, and evaluations are designed to equal a total of 30 hours of your time.


Instruction will be provided through synchronous and asynchronous Zoom sessions. Zoom presentations/sessions will be recorded for students who are unable to attend synchronous sessions. Students who cannot attend via Zoom will have to complete additional participation assignments. Online instructional methods will include a digital learning platform, class discussion, independent forms of communication, collaborative innovation work time, and the use of digital tools.

REGISTER now through June 1.

Questions? Contact Scottie Bruch at

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Special Sub-Topics

Information Literacy is a BIG theme and, within it, we will be exploring many sub-topics. Some of these include:

  • SEL's Role in Information Literacy
  • School and Public Library Collaboration
  • Non-Fiction Genrefication
  • Information Literacy Models
  • Primary Sources
  • Media Literacy and Determining Website Content
  • SDSL Databases
  • And more!

We'll also have experiential learning with some really great ed tech tools!

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Special Guest Speakers

Two of our special guest speakers include:

Dr. Kate Kinsella, an emeritus teacher educator at San Francisco State University and speaker/consultant to school districts within and outside the U.S. who will lead an informative workshop on “Tools to Support Multilingual (and All) Learners in Interpreting, Discussing and Constructing Informational Texts."

Cheri Isaacson, a veteran kindergarten teacher who will lead us through an interactive workshop on “How to Research like a Kindergartner."

There will also be pre-recorded webinar trainings with Cheyenne Chontos (SDSL Library Technology Coordinator), Kim Bonen (SDSL Digital Resources Coordinator), Heidi Kruse (Meade School District Librarian), and Scottie Bruch (SDSL School Library Coordinator).

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Course Outline

Course Goals

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the research process from start to finish.

Unit 1: Explore and Engage with the Library

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of information literacy.

Students will identify strategies to prepare for research.

Students will explore school and public library collaboration.

Students will evaluate strategies for shelving and displaying research material.

Unit 2: Questioning Strategies (or Beginning Research)

Students will investigate a variety of information literacy models.

Students will identify strategies for supporting multilingual learners in the research


Students will demonstrate an understanding of a variety of questioning strategies for

learners in grades k-12.

Unit 3: Curate and Engage with Resources

Students will distinguish the differences between the open web and the hidden web.

Students will identify which SDSL databases are appropriate for a variety of research


Students will demonstrate knowledge of a variety of curation tools.

Students will identify strategies for learners to engage with informational text.

Unit 4: Share Learning and Reflect on the Process

Students will identify a variety of methods for sharing information and learning.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the reflection process.

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Comments from ExCITE! 2021

four praising comments about ExCITE training.  "I liked the online component. It let me work at my own pace at a time that worked well for me. I liked that all the assignment were available from the start of the class. The course objectives were very laid out. I learned so much!"   "Every single topic was relevant and applicable to my job as a school librarian."   "Being a brand new librarian this year it was awesome to hear ideas and things I wanted to do were right along with what veteran librarians want too!"   "I loved that ExCITE was in sync with the work I am doing in my classroom. I was able to apply the information and assignments directly into my curriculum."

LSTA federal funding through the Institute of Museum and Library Services provides

speakers, resources, and full-tuition scholarships for 30 attendees.

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