Online Safety

tips and ways to keep yourself protected online

what are ways to be protected online?

Here are some online safety tips.

  • Don't give out any personal information
  • use a good password only YOU will know.
  • only say what you would say in person
  • never expose your number or street address online to anyone if they ask for it even if they are a close friend.
  • when you think you deleted things off the internet remember it stays there forever
  • use appropriate words when you post online
  • put your user as private only accept requests from people you know.
  • if there is something that makes you uncomfortable be sure to tell an adult ASAP

example of online websites that people around the world use

Here is a demonstration picture of a digital footprint that I post stuff online to for these apps. But don't forget everything you do online will stay there forever. Also here is an online tip from of safety online. and here is a useful online website to help you be sure to be safe online