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Here are a couple of tips for the BEST Thrive Experience:

1. Begin in the morning - Thrive is supposed to be taken as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach. For the first couple of days, only take 1 (ONE) of the capsules, with a glass of water. Take the capsule right when you wake up.

2. Wait 20 minutes. Still on an empty stomach, drink 1/2 (HALF) of the Lifestyle Mix with 6-8 oz of water (more or less water, to taste). Drink it within 5-10 mins of mixing, as there are active digestive enzymes in the drink mix along with pre & probiotics to help digestion and should be consumed shortly after mixing with water. You can start drinking a full serving after the first couple of days.

3. Apply DFT to skin. The DFT is water resistant and can be worn for 24 hours, in the shower, pool, beach, etc. Some people find more adhesiveness on their bicep, hip, shoulder, or leg. Find the location that works best for you. The following morning, as you're doing your first 2 Thrive steps, remove old DFT and throw away. Place new DFT on a DIFFERENT SIDE (left or right) of your body to allow your skin to breathe. If you find there is a sticky residue (sometimes the DFT can leave adhesive residue similar to latex-free bandaid), simply wipe clean with makeup remover wipe or coconut oil & cloth. :)

Here's a simple graphic to show you how to have the perfect Thrive Experience.
Feel free to print this & place next to your Thrive stuff for reference!

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YES - you should eat after you take your Lifestyle mix! Listen to your body -- eat when you're hungry! You can use as a meal replacement, if you wish, depending on your goals for weight management.

Avoid coffee or caffeine for best results. Trust me! Caffeine will actually hinder Thrive's natural ingredients & work against your body.
Drink LOTS of water.
Remember to eat!
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Having a GREAT Thrive day?? I'd love to hear about it!! Text messages & Facebook posts from my happy Thriving friends never get old! :)

PS: Remember, you can refer 2 friends & Thrive for FREE!
Thriving is great. Thriving for FREE is even better!

Let me know how you're doing, and text or call anytime you have questions!
Welcome again to the Thrive Life!!!


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