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The Barcelona Football Team Case Study inspired on the book of Andres Oppenheimer.

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TIPs for you organization about innovation

This case study about Barcelona football team, has been developed by ESEUNE gemMBA 2014-2015 team (Tianjin- China ), inspired by the book "To innovative or to die" written by Andres Oppenheimer, an outstanding writer who has made several research studies about the 5 key elements towards innovation.

Joseph Guardiola, the Spanish football trainer, did implement a very successful strategy to make Barcelona football team become a winner. His main strategy was to focus on incremental innovation.

This strategy is hereby described, in order to provide you a few tips for your own organization to improve its results. for doing so the case has been divided into 2 main sections and interactive activities.

A) Barcelona Team philosophy
B) Joseph Guardiola strategy.


Today we are going to introduce the main differences between total football and specialist football.

Total football: It comes from Hungary (f. Socialist), and was adapted by the Dutch and brought to Barcelona by Johan Cruyff's ( Dutch football trainer ). This type of football is offensive in nature and all its players play in all positions in the team.

Specialist football: It comes from England. This type of football is defensive in nature.
In this type of football each player specializes in one particular place and roll within the team.

This video shows you these main differences:


Barca football Team already have the total football philosophy when Joseph Guardiola decided to become the team leader. Now, What was his strategy to make the team become a total winner?

We are introducing here his strategy steps so that it can guide your organization to effectively achieve good results, by focusing on each of these key elements:

  • How to get out of a crisis
  • How to create a team
  • How to be innovative

How to get your organization out of a crisis:

This is what Joseph Guardiola did to take Barcelona Football team out of the crisis they were going through at the time:

  • Step one: He did not renew the contract to those football players who were not being efficient enough.
  • Step two: He enhanced one of the football players who had great potential to play a more important role on the team. ( Nessi )
  • Step three: He got new young players from their own career training organization.

How to create a good team:

  • He allowed team members committing mistakes, but did not allow anyone in the team not employing 100% of their capacity.
  • He was open to speak with any member of the team not only about work but also about personal issues.
  • He did keep the team united, in order to do so, everyone in the team had to have lunch with the rest of the team members and official languages were established.
  • He provided the team with the best trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapy, technical assistants and assistants for the players.
  • He placed a large screen TV in his office, to carefully watch all the games and watch their opponents strategy.

How to be innovative: Surprising your opponents, analyzing the competitors and having incremental innovation. The Barca football team is more than just a Football Club.

  • Barca Football team, they lost the first game, second they tied, but thereafter the team starting winning all the time, they even got 6 titles in the same season.
  • Even the football was already winning, Joseph Guardiola kept on making a good research of their opponents, and changing the strategy so that they were all time surprising their opponents.
  • He kept on motivating the team everyday.
  • The team had an important sense of solidarity within the society.

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