The Twin Towers

We All Remember

September 11 2001 was terrible . Planes were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center, one in the Pentagon and one in a field . It happened September 11 2001 shortly before 10 AM. . The north tower was hit first .Then the south tower was hit second .Then the Pentagon ,and last a field . We all remember that day.


If You Die Here We All Die Here

September 11 was a very sad day.Also it brings back memories of the heroes . Shortly before 10 AM. Sergeant John McLoughlin age 46 , a 21 year veteran , lead his men . Chuck Sereika a paramedic was awakened by sirens on September 11 . He turned on the TV to see what was wrong , some terrorist attacked the World Trade Center .Once he heard that was happening he rushed over there to help . He went in . The first thing he did was pray "God let me see only what I need to see ." .When he went in he met Marine David Karnes , 23 year Marine .After about an hour of silence they hear a voice saying "Eight thirteen ! Eight thirteen ! " . That was police code for officer in need of assistance . It was Will Jimeno . Firefighter Tommy Asher was also one of the heroes. They thought McGee was dead but then they heard him say "Irish eyes your back with the living stay with us now .".Serkeira's brain was telling him to scramble to safety . he did but he also stayed to help some more . After being rescued Will Jimeno went through eight surgery's .

Madison M.

My name is Madison M. . I am in the 5th grade .I have one brother and his name is Will.I was born November 6 , 2004 . I have five pets , three dogs and two cats . I love to read . I love to play soccer and sometimes throw a football around with my dad . Also i love to draw and do crafts .One of my idols is Bethany Hamilton.