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Cyber Bullying

what is cyberbullying?

Cyber Bullying is effecting meany kids around the globe and is just another form of bullying.

How do you stop cyberbullying?

Report that you're being cyberbullyed to someone you trust like your parents, teachers and maybe even the polce .

If you or anyone you know is being cyber bullied you can contact Kids help line or eheadsspace

Online Safety

Being safe online is not very hard all.1 Never share your password with anyone exept your parents.2 Only be-friend someone you know in real life. 3 never share information online your full name,phone number, where you live and even a picture of your school can all help in finding out who you are.


Netiqutte is what you say to others.Avoid using bad language and don’t say things to make others feel bad. Say things online that you would to someone face to face.