Your Trip to China

Confucius/K'ung Fu Tzu 551 - 479 BC

Confucius/K'ung Fu Tzu was a teacher, politician, and philosopher. He had his teachings written in a book called the analects. Confucius also created the golden rule, “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself” sound familiar? Most people know that rule, but don’t know who said it first. Surprisingly the triple threat went to school where commoners went to school. Not all special people went to private school. Confucius died from natural causes. Causing Much grief. He was buried in Kong Lin cemetery which is in Qufu in the Shandong Province. The original tomb was in the shape of an axe. For a list of exhibits you should check out this website. Also you could go visit the burial grounds in the Shandong Province.

Shang Dynasty C.1500-C.1050 BCE

Most people don’t know about the chinese dynasties, but I think it cool to know how it all got started. The Shang dynasty is the first recorded Chinese dynasty where there is evidence it actually existed. It was during the Shang that Chinese writing started. Also during the Shang dynasty, instruments were created such as chimes, drums, and bells. Another cool thing is. The architects of the Shang dynasty built houses of timber over dirt floors, and roofs of thatch. Pottery objects were also popular. Some of the pottery gives evidence of maybe being created on a potter’s wheel. The period of the dynasty’s rule has been 1766–1122 bce. But, more work lately has made the Shang’s starting date at about 1600 bce and the dynasty’s end being 1046 bce. For more info go to this link to visit a museum.

Victoria Harbor

If you are thinking about where to stay during your trip to china I think this would be the best location. The harbor has annual firework displays. Also the harbor has many public shows. So you have entertainment once in awhile. Also their are endless possibilities of where you can go. Because Victoria Harbor is about 41.88 km (16.17 sq mi) during 2004. And has probably expanded over the course of 12 yrs. Also Victoria Harbor is world-famous for its night view and skyline. And to add to that, if you go during the holidays you will get a special treat. By the end of November every year, the walls of buildings are decorated with Christmas-related things and then replaced with Lunar New Year-related ones by January. And at night the lights of all the buildings light up the clouds like you see in this picture.

Terra Cotta Warriors.

The Terracotta Warriors are the most famous attraction in China. There must be a few reason why. There are more than seven thousand life-size soldiers. All I can say is that's a lot. Over 1,000 pieced together. But where is it located? You ask, well. The tomb is located just outside of the capital of Xi’an. If that's not enough try and wrap your head around this. Each of the warriors has its own hair style, and facial expression. Imagine how much time and mula it took to make all of those soldiers. Last but certainly not least. This site is considered to be the greatest find of the Twentieth Century.

Huangguoshu Waterfall

This waterfall is the largest waterfall in China. Sort of like niagra falls. Located on the Baishui River. It is 67 meters high and 83.3 meters wide. And it Pours down over a cliff into the Rhinoceros Pool. What the tourists love even more about this place is that. There is a naturally formed cave in the cliff behind the waterfall, which is named Shuilian Dong (Water Curtain Cave).It is one of the most spectacular Karst waterfalls in the world.

To know more info go to this Link for a tour.

Yellow Mountians

If you love breath taking views you will love the Yellow Mountains. The Yellow Mountains are one of the most famous and beautiful mountains in China. Yellow Mountains is a weird name but. The Yellow Mountains are not called that because the mountains are yellow, but because the area was renamed after the Yellow Emperor. Many Buddhist temples have been built there. Also a very weird fact but. Chinese people made magic pills for immortality here. Flying-Over Rock is one of the most famous boulders in the Yellow Mountains. The 12-meter- (39-ft-) rock tilts on a huge rock ledge. Some other things that are part of the Yellow Mountain package are. Its "Four Natural Wonders": the imaginatively-named pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of cloud, and hot springs.

For more info click HERE to see the best times to see the sunrise and sunset.

Bird's Eye View of Huangguoshu Waterfall


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