Getting to Know ARTHUR!

Class 9J's Most Extraordinary Guy!

3 Exciting Things to Have Ever Happen to Arthur

NUMBER ONE: Starting kickboxing. Let's just hope he doesn't use it against me or any other people.

NUMBER TWO: Tra-tada-la! Meeting MARCUS! Three cheers to Marcus!

NUMBER THREE: Going to Greece! OPPA!

The Person Arthur Would Love to Meet Most in the World!

*Cue drumrolls ...*

Neil Patrick Harris: hilarious American actor, producer and direction who is best known for his role as the suit-clad womanizing Barney Stinson!

Some Great Barney Stinson Moments


An Animal That Arthur Likes

Cheetahs are nice ... fast, strong and agile. Not to mention complete and utter cheaters at gambling!

Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

A Color That Describes Arthur (or at least he likes)

It. Is. ORANGE! Quite likable orange, vibrant and alive, practically radiating happiness.