Join Teaching Internship

It is a really fun class

Join my favorite class it can be yours to.

Everyday Wednesday-Friday (only school days)

If you join this class it can give you and amazing experience. You will be working with kids of your choice of age at the school of your choice around the PHS area. one of the things you can do is help them if they need trouble or you can just be their friend they may need a big friend like you to help them. If you are not having a good day you can join this class and the kids would make your day.

here are some qustions you may have

What are the class periods?
3th-4th and 5th-6th
What are the times you will attend?
You will be there for about an hour and 45 minutes.
How many credits is this class?
Since its a 2 period class you will 2 credits for the class
Are we allowed to attend any field trips with my class?
yes, you may participate in 2 of the fields trip.