Visit Cairnholm

Located in Cymru, UK

Located in the Irish Sea, Cairnholm is a tiny island perfect for enjoying nature at its finest. As cairn literally means "a pile of stones (" you can be sure the landscape will be one you won't forget. There are many types of birds, perfect for the bird watching. The beautiful green fields are great for hiking, just don't step in the mud! Totally isolated from the mainland, Cairnholm is the perfect rustic retreat.

The Ferry: an experience

The only way to get to Cairnholm is by ferry. This large metal boat will take you from the mainland to our tiny slice of paradise. Don't worry if you can't see more than five feet ahead of you, the fog is part of the charm. Though it may be cold and clammy, you can entertain yourself by looking in the water for sunken ships. Some were even sunk by German torpedoes! As the sailors used to say: "Twixt Hartland Point and Cairnholm Bay is a sailor's grave by night or day! (page 67)."

The Priest Hole

This modest pub has the only place to stay on the island, as well as the only food, and only phone. Make sure you book in advance as there is only one room available! The generators only run until ten, so be prepared to use oil lamps and the outhouse if necessary.

The Abandoned Children's Home

A fascinating attraction, well off the beaten path, the children's house is said to be haunted. After walking through miles of mud and dirt, you will arrive at the ruins of the home. It was bombed during WWII and all the inhabitants perished. Today, all that is remaining is a rotting interior, moldy clothes and some creepy remnants of a long lost home. Explore if you dare!

The Cairnholm Museum

This museum stands in town and holds fascinating exhibits about fishing and life in a village. The main attraction is known as the oldest citizen of Cairnholm. Called the Cairnholm Man or the Old Man by town residents, this blackened but perfectly preserved corpse is over 2,700 years old. He was discovered in a bog in the 1970s and archeologists believe that he was a sacrifice to the gods.