SWISD Counseling & Social Work

Weekly Communication: Week of 3/16/2020

Schools are closed. Now what?

SWISD Counseling Department and our entire staff understand that this is a difficult time in which our students and community may have a lot of questions. These questions may stem from anxiety, fear, the unknown or just simply worried about what is to come for the rest of the school year. Our counseling team wants to be able to help as much as we can.

In order to support our students during this time of school closures, we will continue to

provide weekly updates and hope to bring you resources that you can use. We are also asking that parents and students visit the SWISD website for updates and information. SWISD has been planning and preparing so that your children still have the opportunity to have instruction and educational support. We also want to provide Social Emotional Learning and support. Students will have to set schedules to do their school work at home. We are asking for the parents full support in this. We are currently working on a schedule so that our Counseling Team, along with our Social Workers, can be available as needed. More on this to come as we update you.

What support & resources are available now?

Keep Calm & Breath........ Social Emotional/Mindfulness Ideas

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to a state of being in the here and now—quieting the mind and just being present. When we aren't mindful, it's easy to hole up in our own minds, thinking about all the little tasks and stressors that are waiting for us. Teaching children about mindfulness can result in some big benefits related to attention, mood, and socially appropriate behavior.

Resources Available

Coronavirus BrainPOP Video


Scholastic Learn at Home Library card NEEDED


SAPL Online Homework Help


Food Bank Coronavirus Preparedness & Prevention Campaign


KSAT Article: How to Calm Kids' Fears About Coronavirus


Childmind: Talking to Kids about Coronavirus


Six mindfulness Activities -- Pocketmindfulness.com (Not available in Spanish)

How You and Your Kids Can Destress During Coronavirus -- Pbs.org

Phone Apps to Help with Mental Health (All Ages): http://bit.ly/2TUFNyK -- Phone apps to help with mental health wellness; Aplicaciones telefónicas en inglés para ayudar con el bienestar de la salud mental para todas las edades.

UPDATES: More to come...

The Counseling Department, in collaboration with our Social Workers, will work to bring you weekly updates on activities, lessons, support and other resources that may be helpful to you and your children during this time of school closures. Please stay safe, keep learning and keep your mind positive and relaxed. You matter to us.